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“San Andreas 2”: Is there a sequel?

In “San Andreas” Dwayne Johnson trembles for his family. You can read here whether the ex-wrestler in “San Andreas 2” will be on the road again as a rescue pilot.

You can look forward to these sequels in the next two years:

In “San Andreas” an earthquake shakes San Francisco, which almost completely destroys the Californian city. Right in the middle of it all, helicopter rescue pilot Ray Gaines (Dwayne Johnson), who goes in search of his family. When the brawny helicopter pilot finally finds his ex-wife Emma (Carla Gugino), the quarreling couple pulls together to save their daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario) from the rubble and ruins. We’ll tell you here whether there will be a sequel to the action film or whether “San Andreas 2” will remain wishful thinking.

“San Andreas 2”: Disaster film with a real background

It goes without saying that with “San Andreas” director Brad Peyton tries an all too gloomy scenario when he relentlessly lays San Francisco to rubble and is in no way inferior to Roland Emmerich, king of riot and catastrophe. With a lot of CGI, brute effects and a good dose of destructiveness, he guides superstar Dwayne Johnson from San Francisco to the City of Angels in order to rescue his daughter from the rubble. But what in the film provides the foundation for such a driving and exciting disaster thriller has a serious background.

With the San Andreas Fault, Brad Peyton addresses the tectonic plates that geologists have been exploring for decades. San Francisco is on the American plate, Los Angeles on the Pacific plate. The fact that the earth’s crusts shift not insignificantly every year is measured by the distance between the two cities. The researchers estimate that the plates have been in motion for at least 31 million years. In 1906, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale overtook San Francisco, the most violent in its history to date.

How likely is “San Andreas 2”?

As the Hollywood Reporter reported back in 2016, a sequel to the epic disaster thriller is actually planned. “San Andreas” grossed more than 470 million US dollars worldwide, which was apparently reason enough for the makers to aim for a sequel. With a budget of 110 million, the film is one of the most successful works in Dwayne Johnson’s vita as a Hollywood mime.

In the second part of “San Andreas”, the former wrestling icon will slip into the role of the rescue pilot again, again supported by his co-actresses Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario. Also on board again: Paul Giamatti as seismologist Dr. Lawrence Hayes. Brad Peyton will sit in the director’s chair again. This time Ray Gaines is not confronted with the San Andreas Trench, but ordered to the Pacific Ring of Fire – a chain of 450 volcanoes that extends it to a length of 25,000 miles.

Alternatives to “San Andreas 2” with action star Dwayne Johnson:

Since no exact start date has yet been set for “San Andreas 2” and the information about the expected sequel is limited, fans of the disaster film have to be patient a little longer. If you want to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in other riot flicks, you can fall back on a few alternatives. In the video game adaptation “Rampage – Big meets bigger”, the American-Canadian ex-wrestler tries his hand at being a primatologist and is amazed at the aggressiveness of his silverback gorilla George. And in “The Journey to the Mysterious Island”, the muscle man again encounters animals that have grown too big. Incidentally, both films were directed by none other than Brad Peyton.

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