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Reminiscence in the stream: This is how you see the science fiction thriller with Hugh Jackman today


In the sci-fi thriller “Reminiscence” by “Westworld” creator Lisa Joy, Hugh Jackman searches for his great love. Netzwelt reveals how you can already see the film in the stream today.

"Reminiscence" Stream right now

Stream “Reminiscence” now (Source: © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

  • “Reminiscence”, a mix of science fiction, noir crime thriller and love story, opens in German cinemas on August 26th.
  • The leading roles are Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson and Thandiwe Newton.
  • Netzwelt reveals how you can see the film today on the streaming service HBO Max.

Lisa Joy, who created the series “Westworld” with her husband Jonathan Nolan, is making her directorial debut with “Reminiscence”. Once again, Joy dedicates herself to a science fiction story she wrote, which takes place in the future, but at its core revolves around the past.

“Reminiscence” takes place in a world in which large parts of the earth have been flooded by global warming. In addition, mankind is now active at night, as the heat of the day would be unbearable. Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman) earns his living with fond memories of a better past.

Bannister lets its customers relive their favorite memories. He also supports the police in looking for evidence in the memories of criminals. When Nick meets Mae (Rebecca Ferguson), it happened immediately to him, but their relationship suddenly ends when Mae disappears without a trace.

Now Nick is doing everything in his power to find Mae. This is followed by a modern noir crime thriller, which in its best moments is reminiscent of films like “Minority Report” and “Inception”.

“Reminiscence” can currently be seen in German cinemas. Anyone who may not yet dare to go to the cinema again or would prefer to watch the film at home for other reasons now has the chance. “Reminiscence” can now be streamed – with a trick.

“Reminiscence” is already streaming on HBO Max right now

The new films from Warner Bros. will appear at the same time as the US theatrical release on HBO Max, at least in 2021. The US streaming service announced at the end of 2020 that all current Warner films in 2021 would also be streamed for 31 days in addition to being released in theaters will be available at HBO Max. In spite of the uncertain Corona times, viewers were able to see new films and HBO Max received a huge marketing push.

Thus, “Reminiscence” will be available in the stream from August 20th to September 19th on HBO Max. Fortunately, the fact that this offer is actually only intended for US citizens does not have to deter you. It is possible to use HBO Max in Germany without any problems.

Our HBO Max guide tells you how to take out a streaming subscription with which you can currently watch not only “Reminiscence”, but also “The Suicide Squad”. In any case, you need a VPN service with which you can bypass the country blocks of the streaming service.

“Dune” and “Matrix 4” are also waiting for you in the course of the year at HBO Max. Film fans who avoid the cinema can see the latest titles right after they start. By the way, Netflix subscribers with a VPN connection already stream “Cash Truck” with Jason Statham and “Gunpowder Milkshake” with Karen Gillan in the Canadian offer.

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