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Podcast “Oscars & Raspberries”: Alfred Hitchcock would have been happy

A man on the run, enigmatic pursuers and a tension curve that climbs minute by minute. Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock would certainly have enjoyed the Netflix thriller “Beckett” starring John David Washington.

It’s the classic story, as you know it from many of the works of the “cinema master of suspense”, Alfred Hitchcock: A man suddenly finds himself in a situation that turns his everyday life completely upside down. Entangled in a plot he doesn’t understand. Hunted by forces who want his death. The term thriller was once invented for the scenario that the Italian film director and screenwriter Ferdinando Cito Filomarino creates on the screen with his film “Beckett”. The tension: thick for cutting. Both protagonist and viewer stumble through an action that initially only consists of one thing: an infinite number of question marks.

“Oscars & Raspberries”

Every Friday, Ronny Rüsch presents “Oscars & Raspberries”, the ntv podcast about streaming. In addition to the extensive review of “Beckett”, the new episode is about the independent film “Coda” and the neo-noir thriller “The Little Things”. Ronny and Axel Max also explain why “A Classic Horror Story” only gets a raspberry.

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You can accuse the film – especially towards the end – of losing focus and using one or the other too constructed story element. The bottom line, however, is that “Beckett” tells a gripping story with an outstanding leading actor over a period of 108 minutes. “Tenet” actor John David Washington, who recently made an impression in “Malcolm & Marie”, practically carries the film on his shoulders. There is no scene without him and it is only a matter of time before the son of two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington will also put a gold statue on his shelf.

Quantity instead of quality

Netflix is ​​under pressure to act. The competition is not only on the heels of the former industry leader, but has already overtaken him in some entertainment segments. In this situation, the US streaming giant has recently been churning out and buying films and series. Often it is not the quality, but rather the quantity that seems to have priority.

Some of what is currently being offered in the “New at Netflix” category would be more likely to be found in the current TV program. In this context, “Beckett” is a real godsend. Leading actors, supporting roles, locations, music: everything fits and looks like it is all of a piece. One can only hope that some of those responsible at Netflix headquarters will also notice this. If you want to know by then what contemporary cinema suspense can feel like: “Beckett” provides the answer – despite small points of criticism.

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