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New on Amazon Prime: “Nine Perfect Strangers” series with Nicole Kidman

Wellness is redefined (and creepy) in “Nine Perfect Strangers”

Wellness, learning mindfulness, relaxing, detoxing, finding yourself and starting fresh into everyday life: Sounds great! If, however, like in the series “Nine Perfect Strangers”Since Nicole Kidman is the head of the wellness retreat, we advise you to flee. Everything about the new series “Nine Perfect Strangers”, which will be released in the August 2021 also starts in Germany

“Nine Perfect Strangers”: This is what the Hulu mini-series is all about

Welcome to the Tranquillum House! This is the wellness retreat into which well-heeled clients with all kinds of problems check in, in order to be made into better people with fewer problems by its founder, the guru-like Masha Dmitrichenko.

The retreat has room for nine handpicked guests – in “Nine Perfect Strangers” these are Frances, Lars, the Marconi family of three, the Chandler couple, Tony and Carmel. They all come in with more or less ballast Tranquillum house, Masha would like to help everyone with the help of her staff: Yao and Delilah as well as a strict daily schedule, individually mixed shakes and wellness activities.

Masha seems to have a solution for every problem and every crisis: the loss of a child, life crises, overwork, depression, general insecurity, drug addiction – Masha’s treatments, including that of psychedelic therapy, heal everyone, according to her. However, the treatments of the Russian wellness guru soon raise questions: Is everything going well here? Why were exactly these nine people admitted to the retreat? Why did the guests have to hand in their cell phones? And what the hell is in those shakes that are chased through the mixer for each one individually and individually?

The audience is more likely than the protagonists to notice that something is completely wrong with Masha and her wellness scam. And they also realize that they didn’t all end up in the Tranquillum House by accident as they thought. It gets really fast Wellness– Excursion with the desire to find yourself Bad tripthat slowly reveals itself in all its creepy shimmering, psychedelic colors. At the center of the story: Masha and her crazy mind, who uses tricks and mind games to drive the guests to the limits of madness.

Masha’s Mindgames are absolutely crazy, but let the audience stay on the ball: How far does it go Wellness guru? In addition, all the individual characters and their backstories are described in such detail and precisely that you really want to know right through to the end who decides what and why – and whether, thanks to the stay in the Tranquillum House, of course, better people will come out in the end “Nine Perfect Strangers” will.

All protagonists: inside, including Masha, are battered people with often broken relationships that deal with Secrets and lies have built a world from which they now want to escape – happier, freer and healthier than before their retreat in the Wellness resort, healed by Masha. But whether they can reach the new level of the desired self-improvement so easily and without serious losses? – Not clear.

Trailer for “Nine Perfect Strangers”

Fancy Retreat, fancy Guru, fancy Cast: Watch the trailer for “Nine Perfect Strangers” here Melissa McCarthy, Nicole Kidman, Michael Shannon and Luke Evans by David E. Kelly, creator of the award-winning hit series “Big Little Lies”.

“Nine Perfect Strangers” on Amazon Prime is the series for fans of …

… Series with strong women. Nobody will be able to escape the presence of Masha aka a great Nicole Kidman. Who likes slightly convoluted mystery thrillers à la “The Wilds”, “The Path” or even “Big Little Lies” will get their money’s worth in summer 2021 at “Nine Perfect Strangers”.

This new series is like a mix "pretty Little Liars" and "Lost"

Mini-Series 2021: This is the cast of “Nine Perfect Strangers”

Since Nicole Kidman got into the series business with two seasons of “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing”, the Oscar winner has – of course – guaranteed very good content in at least eight episodes: Kidman takes over in “Nine Perfect Strangers” the role of the fairy Masha, who seems to look directly into the hearts and minds of her patients.

but Nicole Kidman isn’t the only high profile actor: in at Tranquillum House: Melissa McCarthy (“Gilmore Girls”) plays the writer Frances, who in a nightmare of a broken relationship, broken career and menopause in Tranquillum House wants to come to her again.

Luke Evans (“The Alienist”, “Beauty and the Beast”) appears as Lars, who has a love-hate relationship with wellness temples and his ex-boyfriend Ray. Michael Shannon (“The Shape of Water”) plays the always cheerful family man Napoleon Marconi, whose wife Heather and daughter Zoe seem forever broken after a stroke of fate.

In other roles are Bobby Cannavale (“Homecoming”), Tiffany Boone (“Little Fires Everywhere”), Manny Jacinto (“The Good Place”), Samara Weaving (“Hollywood”) and Melvon Gregg (“#blackAF”).

The mini-series originally dated US streaming service Hulu is based on the book by Liane Moriarty, which stormed the bestseller lists when it was published in 2018. It is not the first time that Moriarty has made a film for television: “Big Little Lies” with Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Zoe Kravitz told two seasons of lies and intrigues in a women’s quartet in the chic Monterey book in California.

The book “The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty will be made into a film with Blake Lively in the lead role. And “Nine Perfect Strangers” will now appear as a mini-series from August 2021 Amazon Prime Video broadcast. The eight-part show is implemented by David E. Kelly, to which we owe “Big Little Lies”.

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Here you can see the mini-series “Nine Perfect Strangers”

“Nine Perfect Strangers” with Nicole Kidman runs from then on August 20, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video in the stream. At the start on August 20, 2021, three episodes from Tranquillum House are waiting for you, the remaining five will then be broadcast weekly.

No Amazon Prime subscription yet? Then this way please!

“Nine Perfect Strangers”: How do the book and the series differ?

In broad terms, the book and the series are similar. The book is set in Australia, the series in California (but was shot in Australia). While in the mini-series everyone can talk to each other from the start, in the book they have to be silent for five days and are not allowed to look each other in the eye. When Masha (Nicole Kidman) gives a gunshot wound as the reason for her rebirth in the series, she speaks of a cardiac arrest in the book. Lars (Luke Evans) is a lawyer in the literature and in the TV adaptation of “Nine Perfect Strangers” he is a journalist (with very unpleasant questions for Masha and her Tranquillum House). But that was it, by and large.

"Nine strangers" by Liane Moriarty

Like “Big Little Lies” before, the mini-series is very close to the original book.

Mini-Series 2021: This is why you should watch “Nine Perfect Strangers”

“Nine Perfect Strangers” in August 2021 is like “Little Fires Everywhere” in May 2020: These eight episodes tell exactly that right story for late summer. Then, when it gets chilly outside shortly after 9 p.m., but you are still looking for a good series with a little juicy content, this mini-series will come along Melissa McCarthy and Nicole Kidman at the right time.

The secrets revealed in “Nine Perfect Strangers” are at least as shocking as Masha’s therapeutic methods – and this is exactly where the approach to social criticism lies hidden: In our constant search for Self-optimization and a more efficient self we sometimes forget in the oversaturated market of the Wellness industryto ask the right questions.

This new Netflix documentary shows the dark side of the wellness industry

Luke Evans as Lars is suitable here in the first episode of “Nine Perfect Strangers” Perhaps as the best example: he asks why a blood sample is taken, but then, when the Tranquillum House staff does not answer him, still obediently holds out his arm to take the blood.

“Nine Perfect Strangers” holds up a mirror to our society: Which secrets do we actually never want to unravel, but do we exactly do so within the framework of self-optimization? On top of that, the cast around Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shaonnon and Luke Evans deliver a tip-top performance, the characters all have sufficient depth and the story has only one direction from the start: to an absolute showdown. “Nine Perfect Strangers” is the best late summer series entertainment.

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