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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: marriage-out?

Mila & Ashton: Do you fail because of your future planning?

“Does he get on my nerves? Every day”, Mila Kunis complained about husband Ashton Kutcher in an interview with “Live with Kelly and Ryan” last year. Allegedly, they then went into couples therapy, but even with the help of an expert, their problems apparently cannot be brought under control. The situation has now become such that friends summon the end of the marriage.

They have very different ideas about the future. That’s why they often quarrel

unpacks an insider.

The dilemma: Mila wants to make more films again, while Ashton wants to have more children.

She feels trapped in marriage

so the friend. Unjust – her husband thinks. Because: “After the birth of their children Wyatt and Dimitri, they had actually decided that they would have a few more babies, but now Mila is backing off. She thinks two are enough.”

Instead, she focuses on new role offers. “Mila is looking for spicy roles like in ‘Black Swan'”the acquaintance wants to know. Ashton is annoyed by her career plans – because he currently has no projects at the start and tons of time for family planning …

Is Demi Moore unpacking now?

And as if the mood wasn’t bad enough, his ex is also causing stress! Demi Moore has her memoir “Inside Out” at the start – and in it she should “Unpack about her heartbreak and the end of her marriage with Ashton”, is it[called

For Mila the absolute horror! “She is terrified of what will come to light”explains a friend. Because the “Two and a Half Men” star allegedly got her not all of his missteps from the last relationship confessed …

They used to be a team. Now they just bicker. Everyone was hoping that they would pull themselves together. But maybe a breakup would be better for them and their kids.

Text: Julia Zuraw

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