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Mega slim after baby: Amanda Seyfried attacks Insta-Star

Has Amanda Seyfried (33) gone too far with this criticism of a mother’s bikini photo online? The actress is known for not only using her fame for self-promotion. The 33-year-old repeatedly promotes animal welfare and human rights among her more than four million Instagram followers. She recently railed against Insta-Star Arielle Charnas. The extremely slim influencer had posted a bikini picture of herself with the slogan “Proud of my body after two children” – Amandas Verdict: Misogynist!

The Hollywood star split up Instagram a friend’s comment too Ariels Photo. Amandas Girlfriend accused the influencer with more than 1.2 million Insta followers of glorifying an unhealthy body image. The idea that women are slim again immediately after giving birth is patriarchal and realistic at most for wealthy people who can afford a nanny. Even Amanda, Mother of a two year old daughter, threw Ariel imagine that she is displaying her life for payment and without awareness of the problem.

In the meantime, the blonde has at least partially rowed back. Many had accused her of bullying and “slim shaming”. Amanda apologized “to said lady” for the personal attack and the following negative reactions from followers. But she stuck to the core of her influencer criticism: “There are so many who participate in these questionable messages.”

Arielle Charnas and her children

Instagram / ariellecharnas

Arielle Charnas and her children
Arielle Charnas, influencer

Instagram / ariellecharnas

Arielle Charnas, influencer
Amanda Seyfried, actress

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