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Kevin Feige: Update for Avengers fans

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08/23/2021 – 10:14 am

Kevin Feige suggests that the fifth ‘Avengers’ movie still needs some time.

The boss of ‘Marvel Studios’ explained in an interview with ‘Collider’ that the last adventure of the superheroes was only two years ago. The fans have to wait a little longer until the next near apocalypse. Feige said: “I think there has to be a bit of time between ‘Endgame’ and the start of a new saga. We are already working on it and we have already started.” However, it will take some time to create the next story for the ‘Marvel’ heroes: “And then you need time, like in phase 1, to build the saga before you bring everyone back together.”

A week ago, Feige said in an interview that casting Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Iron Man was the greatest risk for his production company. He stated, “I still believe that the greatest risk was – and it sounds outrageous today – to cast Robert Downey Jr. It was both the greatest risk and the most important foundation for the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. . “

Source: BANG Media International

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