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Katy Perry: “I used to be so addicted to shopping”

Katy Perry: “I used to be so addicted to shopping”

US star Katy Perry confessed on Instagram: "I used to be so addicted to shopping"

US star Katy Perry confessed on Instagram: “I used to be so addicted to shopping”

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Katy Perry is a star in global show business and has a penchant for expensive, extravagant clothing. But the birth of her daughter caused a rethink.

Katy Perry (“I kissed a girl”, “Dark Horse”) is one of the most successful singers in the world. The 36-year-old sold more than 120 million records, filled the world’s largest halls for years and even appeared at half-time at the Super Bowl. But the Corona crisis, a forced break for many musicians, leaves Katy Perry little time to breathe. Last summer she had her first child.

Ever since she was a mother, Perry has been questioning her lifestyle more and more, the musician has now revealed to her fans on Instagram Live. “I used to be so addicted to shopping. I realized how wasteful I was with clothes as a consumer.”

The birth of her daughter Daisy Dove – her father is actor Orlando Bloom (44, “The Lord of the Rings”) – opened her eyes to the fact that her lifestyle is not good for the planet in the long run and how important sustainability is: “Clothes are in the top five most polluting things for our planet and I can’t be a part of who I was. Especially when I know my daughter will grow up in it. ” Now she wants to shift down a gear. “I swore to myself that I wouldn’t buy so much in my private life. I just want to buy out of necessity.”

Katy Perry caught the eye

Katy Perry is known for her love of extravagant and glamorous fashion. At the New York Met Gala, one of the biggest and most important fashion events of all, she drew attention every year, in 2019 she came as a chandelier, in 2018 she wore a gold dress, gold overknees and huge angel wings. In 2014, she wore a $ 100,000 Valentino gown on the Grammy Awards red carpet.

The admission of her previous shopping addiction comes just days after Perry raved about the experience she had in raising her five-month-old offspring. For example, she spoke of the importance of creating boundaries in order to have enough “space” for her daughter: “Boundaries are so important and I have made use of them a lot,” she said. “You can love someone and still don’t have to let them into your life. Daisy has changed my life and is still changing my life.” In addition, her role as a mother “really encouraged her to be even more present and to appreciate every day. All we have is this moment.”


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