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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – HE loses the Mud Fight Trial! – BZ Berlin

The verdict in the celebrity mud battle of the year is here!

Hollywood star Johnny Depp (57, “Pirates of the Caribbean”) and his ex-wife Amber Heard (34) fought a mud fight with a lot of unsavory details in front of a court in London for weeks.

Depp protested against an article in the tabloid newspaper “The Sun” that he had physically abused Heard. But the celebrity trial at the High Court in the summer turned into a war between the former lovers.

Today, Monday, the decision: Johnny Depp loses!

From the start of the trial on July 7th to the closing arguments on July 28th, they blamed each other wildly, thereby endangering their careers. There were allegations full of drugs, alcohol abuse, violence and manipulation. A severed fingertip, feces in bed and intoxication photos were discussed.

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For weeks, Depp and his ex-wife, 23 years his junior, drew the picture of a deeply destructive relationship.

• Depp called Heard a narcissistic sociopath (“She knew what she wanted and I was an easy target”) and claimed that Amber once pooped into the marriage bed as a joke.

• On the other hand, she claimed, among other things, that Johnny “explicitly threatened to kill me several times”. The spectrum ranged from shouting and kicking to choking.

Depp and Heard did not accept the judgment personally, the announcement took place virtually on Monday morning due to the corona pandemic.

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