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Jennifer Lopez: She planned a surprise for Ben Affleck’s birthday

Jennifer Lopez
She has planned a birthday surprise for her Ben

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in love again: Since their big relationship comeback in the summer, all eyes have been on the couple. Now the singer wants to surprise her sweetheart – for his birthday yesterday she thought of something “very special”.

It was the news of the year: “Bennifer” is back. Hollywood stars have gone their own separate ways since Jennifer Lopez, 52, and Ben Affleck, 49, broke off their engagement in 2004. Until now – because recently they made their new relationship public.

Jennifer Lopez: Ben Affleck’s special day had to be a big surprise

When you finally get back together after so many years apart, then a sign must be set for Ben’s birthday. At least that’s what Jennifer Lopez thought: The singer was planning something “very special” for his 49th birthday, as an insider told “Hollywood Life”. In honor of his big day, she wanted to escape from everyday life with him and had organized a trip together. The two celebrated Jennifer’s 52nd birthday with a luxurious trip to Europe – so the bar is high.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on a stroll in love in the Hamptons.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on a stroll in love in the Hamptons.

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Ben spent his birthday with his children

The actor turned 49 on August 15, 2021. Instead of enjoying private togetherness with Jennifer, the Oscar winner was spotted with his children on this date. His offspring Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9, who came from his first marriage to Jennifer Garner, 49, strolled the streets of Los Angeles with their birthday dad. Her casual attire wasn’t exactly indicative of a glamorous party.

The secret vacation should take place in pairs

Insider circles say that Jennifer really wants to spend her birthday vacation without children. So that the right romantic mood can arise, she should wish for single adult time with Ben and want to leave the children at home. Daughter Emme, 13, and son Maximilian, 13, would also not enjoy their exclusive surprise vacation.

Not much is known about exactly where Jennifer will be spending this break with Ben. Even her closest confidants leave her in the dark about the secret holiday destination, according to the insider source. The new couple would have deserved a break from the media hype in any case: voices were heard over and over again that wanted to recognize a PR stunt in their relationship. So Ben will have been happy about a birthday present far away from cameras – meanwhile we are excited to see which dream location the singer has chosen as her holiday destination.

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