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Is Lady Gaga teasing her Brad Pitt?

Lady Gaga: “Brad Pitt is obsessed with her”

Can that really be true? Is he doing THAT to her again? It looks quite like this! At the very least, Jennifer Aniston is said to be deeply concerned about what she is currently filming the Action thrillers “Bullet Train” gets to hear.

It is said that Lady Gaga took the entire set by storm – especially Brad Pitt:

He can’t take his eyes off her. He’s obsessed with her.

reveals an insider.

More about Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt:

Pierce the heart for Jennifer Aniston

As you know, it wouldn’t be the first time Brad got involved with a colleague. For Jennifer it would be déjà vu! In 2004 it was Angelina Jolie, against which the “Friends” icon got the short straw. She and Brad had finally found each other again after all these years and drama. And now that!

Jen dies of fear

knows an acquaintance.

“Every day Brad becomes more distant from her and at the same time raves about Gaga as an ‘impressive being’.” No wonder! Because the singer absolutely wants to become a film star and is fully committed to her projects. Even with her first film “A Star Is Born” she was glued day and night to Bradley Cooper and thus probably destroyed his relationship with model Irina Shayk, although the two were only new parents of daughter Lea at the time.

She’s an ‘all or nothing’ guy, wants to do everything perfectly. It’s her first action movie and she’s getting tons of tips from Brad

is it[called

That flatters him: “He only speaks of Gaga or Steph, as he is allowed to call them. Their talent, their eyes, their voice …” Poor Jen! “But she doesn’t want to put up with it – and she clearly said that to Brad! She even got really loud.”, reveals a confidante. We are excited to see if Brad will change his behavior.

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