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Green dinner with music and political talks

The local association of the Greens Kitzingen had invited to the first green dinner in the Sieboldgarten at the city balcony at the beginning of August and around 50 interested people came. According to the press release, MdL Kerstin Celina, MdB Uwe Kekeritz and the Wrzburg direct candidate Sebastian Hansen were also guests.

Celina made it clear that climate protection and social justice must be thought together. Climate change is just affecting those who can only afford a small, poorly insulated apartment. Often there is not enough money to invest in protective measures in the event of heat waves or floods. Instead of just “fiddling around” with the consequences, the Federal Government should urgently deploy additional financial resources to combat the causes of climate change.

The Bundestag member Uwe Kekeritz took the audience on a foray through the core topics of the Green election program. For the young local politician Sebastian Hansen, 2nd Mayor of Waldbttelbrunn, transport policy is a main concern. “Revitalized local train routes can offer a very convenient alternative to the car for rural areas,” says Hansen.

Hansen stood in for the direct candidate Nicolas Lommatzsch from Kitzingen, as he had become a father the day before, as the press letter still says. A specially composed string quartet provided the musical accompaniment. Local association spokeswoman Eva Trapp led through the evening and was satisfied with the response to the political picnic.

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