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Germany’s most intelligent impostor comes to court

By Frank Christiansen, dpa

The notorious impostor Marc G. is once again on trial in Düsseldorf on August 31. His life is that of an intelligent braggart, even though he is only 33 years old.

The fall of the impostor in a pilot’s uniform is reminiscent of a historical model: Frank W. Abagnale fooled half of America as a fake pilot and was staged in Hollywood by Leonardo DiCaprio in “Catch Me If You Can” (2002). Whether Marc G. was inspired by the strip remained open. However, DiCaprio appears on the defendant’s Facebook page.

He also cheated on his lawyer

As the public prosecutor “Tassilo von Hirsch”, Marc G. roamed the country, as a doctor or as a pilot: he even cheated on his own lawyer and his mother. Until the judiciary pulled him out of circulation for some time.

According to the latest indictment, he was found to have a forged judge’s ID. In addition, the defendant is said to have stolen 120,000 euros from a businessman. As a finance broker new to the business, he is said to have led him to need the sum as start-up financing. But according to the prosecutor, there was never any intention to repay the money.

Lots of luxury, money and beautiful women

“I was the swagger who was the focus, who issued champagne and let the money out,” Marc G. had confessed in an earlier trial. He squandered a six-figure sum in Düsseldorf’s posh clubs, brothels and while shopping on Königsallee. The defendant’s Facebook page speaks volumes: lots of luxury, money and beautiful women.

The people who made closer acquaintance with the man from Ratingen report that he was not very squeamish about the realization of his lifestyle: It was “really crude” to give the account of his law firm for phone calls to sex hotlines, of all things former lawyer of Marc G. said. But it shows: the bolder the fraud, the greater the “kick” for him. For the fraud on his own lawyer, he had simply used his account details on the stationery.

The temporary waiter even did not spare his own mother when it came to shopping online under a false name. The public prosecutor came up with 38 aliases. The district court sentenced the Ratinger to three years and nine months in prison in 2016. He already had several criminal records by then.

Call girl flown in from Berlin

At the time, the prosecutor and court emphasized that it was particularly reprehensible that he had ordered a prostitute from Berlin to Düsseldorf by plane under a false name in order to then cheat her about wages and expenses. The call girl was blindfolded at his service for several hours. Of course, she didn’t see the promised 10,000 euros.

The judge had emphasized the insolence of the repeat offender: “You have constantly disregarded the clear warning signs of the judiciary,” she said. His experiences with the judiciary actually seem to have inspired Marc G.: After he was previously up to mischief as a phony doctor, pilot and diplomat, he suddenly appeared as the public prosecutor “Tassilo von Hirsch”.

So now a forged judge’s ID with the likeness of the accused. However, the public prosecutor’s office has no evidence that he has already used the ID.

Count of Falkenstein

As early as 2013, the vigilant young man was sentenced to three years and three months in prison. The district court found him guilty of 56 fraud and title abuse cases. Sometimes he appeared as “Count von Falkenstein”, sometimes as a specialist “Dr. Dr. Petermeier ”. So he had ordered a Porsche for himself and his girlfriend, even though he was almost penniless. A 6,000 euro pilot’s uniform should hide that.

No diminished guilty capacity

Toy guns on account of the Federal Intelligence Service and an email to the police chief as “Dr. hc “- Marc G. often showed a sense of humor in his coups.
He once appeared in court with his hair carefully coiffed, in an elegant suit and tie. In one of the first trials, a psychiatrist had attested the young man to have “Felix Krull Syndrome” and reduced guilty capacity – but later experts and courts did not want to know about this.

The young man is above average intelligent, but also selfish and “poor in conscience”. No madness drives him, just criminal energy.

No confession announced

While the now 33-year-old confessed frankly and meekly in earlier trials, this is not to be expected this time. There will be no confession, announced defender Marc Françoise. Legally, one could judge a lot differently than the public prosecutor’s office did in their indictment.

Sonia Gupta
Soniya Gupta, who joined the Technical University in October 2015, continues his education life at Technical University. As the passion for aviation increases day by day, it has a great interest in technology and gaming.


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