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Fitness Tips from Jennifer Aniston | WOMEN’S HEALTH

Diet and fitness tips
Jennifer Aniston shares 10 tips for staying fit and attractive

Jennifer Aniston has been looking gorgeous for decades. Even at the age of 51, she has defined abdominal muscles, hardly any wrinkles, a radiant complexion and bright eyes.

She owes this look not only to her workouts and the right diet, but also to her healthy approach to life. Here are her 10 tips to help you get the best out of yourself.

These are Jennifer Aniston’s 10 health and wellness tips:

1. Eat nutritious foods

Your daily diet has an immense impact on your well-being. Your metabolism will only run smoothly if you supply your body with all the important nutrients it needs. And that not only has an impact on your skin and hair, but also on your mood, your immune system and much more. Jennifer therefore pays attention to a good mix of healthy carbohydrates, proteins, green leafy vegetables and colorful vegetables.

Her tip: A nutrient-rich smoothie to go made from bananas, cherries, blackberries, cocoa powder, almond milk, a little stevia, superfood greens and collagen peptides. Collagen is important for the joints as well as for the firmness and elasticity of the skin and supports the body in regeneration and weight loss. A powder made from various superfoods, on the other hand, should provide you with numerous nutrients. It is important, however, that you do not see dietary supplements as a substitute for a healthy diet, but only as a support.

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2. Try planking and boxing

Boxing not only challenges the body, improves endurance and increases your own strength – every boxing training also has a mental aspect. You concentrate on the moment, on every single movement and are 100 percent focused. This lets you take a step back from everyday life and you can really work out. So it’s no wonder that boxing is one of Aniston’s favorite sports.

She also regularly incorporates plank exercises into her workouts. The forearm support strengthens the entire body and, through static muscle tension, tightens the core of the body in particular. She completes a so-called “plank flow” in which she starts in the standard plank position, changes to the side plank and then returns to the standard plank and alternately taps the shoulders.

Planking works the entire body and is one of Jennifer Aniston's favorite exercises

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With the side plank, you turn to one side from the initial situation and stretch one arm up.

3. Don’t get stressed

A healthy, positive attitude towards life is more important than any perfectionism. Aniston used to train like crazy until she realized that her body needed a break. If she doesn’t feel like a workout, she just goes for a walk. Instead of neurotically paying attention to what she eats, she also likes to treat herself to something unhealthy.

“I’ve started to enjoy life more,” she says. “The only disadvantage is that a few extra pounds lead directly to 4,000 pregnancy rumors,” jokes the sympathetic American.

Nevertheless, when Aniston does a workout, she is fully involved. She doesn’t know half things and so she focuses completely on the workout, doesn’t let herself be distracted and gives her full power.

4. Make me-time a regular ritual

In the stressful everyday life you must never lose sight of one thing: yourself, your inner center and harmony. Jennifer Aniston has chosen Sunday to be her fixed day, when she treats herself to her very own wellness treatment.

An invigorating facial peeling, mask and moisturizing intensive cream make your little feel-good moment perfect and ensure radiant, fresh skin the next morning. In addition, she refrains from any sport on Sundays, giving her body time to regenerate sufficiently before the next training session starts.

5. Drink enough water

The nutrients can only be transported to the organs via the blood with sufficient fluid. In addition, toxins are excreted with the urine and body temperature is regulated through sweating. So don’t wait until you’re thirsty to get a drink. Always have a bottle or glass of water ready.

If you find it difficult to drink enough, you can also try a few clever tricks to ensure that it works. Only before the workout should you not have a liter of exen, otherwise the workout will be interrupted by an uncomfortable feeling of fullness and a gurgling stomach.

6. Make peace with the past

Repenting old decisions or hating your ex-boyfriends will only make you unhappy and affect your mental health. Try to make the most of all experiences and come to a peaceful conclusion.

Jennifer is still on friendly terms with her two former husbands. Justin Theroux is a frequent commentator on her Instagram posts and even appeared on Jennifer’s ‘Friendsgiving dinner’ in 2019. She also has a good relationship with her ex-husband Brad Pritt. He even celebrated her 50th birthday with her.

7. Spend enough time in the fresh air

Jennifer loves being in the fresh air. She enjoys the sun and so replenishes important vitamin D, which among other things is needed for your immune system and has an effect on your mood. Important: She always uses sunscreen to prevent the sun’s harmful rays from getting on her skin.

If you don’t have time to enjoy the sun, or if the sun’s rays are hiding behind a thick, cloudy sky, you should eat foods that contain vitamin D so that your body is adequately supplied.

8. Write a journal

This does not mean a classic diary in which you review your day, but a mixture of nutrition and fitness diary. Write down what foods you eat and how they affect your workout. In this way you learn to listen to your body and to get a feeling for what is good for you and what is not.

Also write down how you felt mentally that day, because that also has an impact on your physical performance – as well as your sleep. Your sleep also has a significant impact on your immune system.

9. Eat healthy snacks and get inventive in the process

Jennifer has a soft spot for frozen grapes. To do this, she simply freezes red grapes (which she likes best) in the freezer. If she’s hungry for something sweet, she has small, sweet snacks that are extra crunchy when frozen.

In fact, she picked up this tip herself from a spa: After a mud bath, she was given a small bowl of frozen grapes. She was so convinced by it that she couldn’t keep her hands off it.

10. Stay consistent and don’t throw in the towel

Aniston also has to fight her inner weaker self. Giving up is still not an option for her because she knows that starting over is much more difficult than staying on the ball.

You will only achieve your goal if you want to improve permanently. Small setbacks are quite normal, but it is important that you don’t let yourself get down and continue afterwards.

Jennifer Aniston not only looks great, she also managed to get the best out of herself with the right feeling for a healthy lifestyle. With her 10 tips you can do it too.

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