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Filmkritik – The Little Things (2021) – Movies – OutNow

Director John Lee Hancock has worked with films like The blind side or The Founder proved that he knows how to film exciting and emotional stories. With The Little Things he is now trying his hand at a thriller that has to offer heavyweights of the acting arts with Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto. However, he unpacks a story that is on the trail of genre greats such as Zodiac walks, but never reaches its intensity.

The Little Things received a limited theatrical release earlier this year, grossing around $ 30 million worldwide and then soon unleashed on the streaming audience. So we get to see the thriller here too and we have to find out that the actors do their thing absolutely wonderfully. But in the end, the whole project comes to a tail if we take a closer look at the story.

There is the old cop who knows how the police work, but falls out of favor with his colleagues. A youngster is placed at his side. One with a pretty woman, lovely kids and a lot of trust in a man he has heard of but hardly knows. Jared Leto comes around the corner as the villain with greasy hair. So we have a game with three people in which the roles seem to be distributed, but they are pushed around again and again. With a little twist towards the end, these discrepancies are then straightened out so that every viewer also understands how the people are ultimately to be classified.

That sounds interesting, but it is presented quite slowly and with repetitive actions. The Washington / Malek / Leto trio is finding it difficult to capitalize on the events that have taken place. This has a negative impact on the entertainment value and unfortunately does not make the film appear exceptional compared to its genre colleagues.

Sonia Gupta
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