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Emma Stone: Her baby bump is that big already

Emma Stone is pregnant
Now everyone can see their baby bump!

Emma Stone

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Emma Stone will soon be swapping scripts for children’s books – at least that’s what new photos of the Hollywood star and her XL baby bump suggest.

Earlier this year, Emma Stone dropped the baby bomb and announced that she and her husband, comedian Dave McCary, are expecting their first child. The actress has not been seen since then – until now! Paparazzi got the “La La La Land” star in front of their lens in Los Angeles and one thing stands out above all: Emma’s baby ball can no longer be overlooked!

Stone and McCary have not yet revealed exactly when their child will see the light of day, but the size of the baby bump suggests that it may not be too long. Photos that are available to the American online portal “Eonline” show the 31-year-old in a wide denim shirt, which she combines with leggings and mules, and which can no longer hide her growing belly.

But maybe Emma Stone doesn’t want that either. In an interview with Elle some time ago, she said: “My view of children has changed with age. As a teenager, I couldn’t imagine ever getting married or having children. And then I got older and I wanted everyone this absolutely. ” She is fine with taking time out and focusing on her private life.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary have been married since 2020

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The time has come in 2021. After countless award-winning films and an Oscar, Emma Stone is now fully focused on the new role in her life – as a mother. According to rumors, the Hollywood star met her child’s father in December 2016. The engagement followed in December 2019 and the wedding finally last year. So it will be interesting to see if we will see Emma Stone with a stroller anytime soon. On the other hand, fans shouldn’t have too many hopes for a photo of the offspring. Emma Stone has so far kept her private life strictly out of the public eye.

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