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Daughter Wyatt is becoming more and more like her>entertainment>

November 07, 2019 – 9:18 pm clock

Mila Kunis and Wyatt: Great mom-daughter team

Hand in hand, in a good mood and super cute: Mila Kunis out and about with daughter Wyatt Isabelle in Beverly Hills. Otherwise you rarely see the offspring of the actor duo Mila Kunis (36) and Ashton Kutcher (41) in public. But now, Mama Mila has got her five-year-old to help out with some errands in Beverly Hills. How well the two work together is shown in the video.

Where’s Papa Ashton?

Wyatt in particular seems to be having a lot of fun with her mom, as her grin reveals. And the googly eyes are also very reminiscent of those of the 36-year-old. But one thing is missing in the photo: Papa Ashton. He probably took care of his son Dimitri (2) and allowed his wives to go on a little girls’ day out. Perhaps the actress also enjoyed the distance from her husband, because since Ashton’s ex Demi Moore published her autobiography, the house blessing is said to hang crooked in the Kunis-Kutcher house.

Back to the roots

And Mila has also changed optically again. She recently surprised with her freshly bleached hair. But the blonde fun didn’t seem to last long. Now she looks just like the old woman again, with brown hair, casually tied up in a bun.

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