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Daniel Craig: That’s how much he, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves make

Even top Hollywood stars like Daniel Craig are likely to have puzzled over the triumph of streaming services. Will your cinema mega-fees shrink to meager TV fees in the future? A report by “Variety” now seems to show: At least financially, the top earners in Hollywood don’t have to worry. Streaming has therefore not led to a drop in prices in their market value, on the contrary: Netflix & Co. pay a little to lure the big names away from the box office. (Also Read: These Are The Highest Paid Actors In Hollywood In 2020)

Daniel Craig: Knives Out -Gage

A paycheck for US $ 20 million used to secure access to Hollywood’s top earners’ club. But that was just the beginning. Stars can participate in the success of their film and receive a certain share for each ticket sold. In the end, this can amount to a sum that far overshadows the original fee. In order to be able to keep up here, providers such as Netflix include this profit-sharing scheme. Most recently, this benefited one star in particular: Daniel Craig.

For the Briton, after his era as James Bond, the big friction seems to be just getting started. “Variety” put his Netflix paycheck for the two sequels of the crime comedy “Knives Out” at 100 million dollars (around 86 million euros). Netflix also took into account the bonus that stars can traditionally ask for further parts of a successful film. According to the analysis, Craig ranks well ahead of Dwayne Johnson with $ 50 million per “Knives Out” part. He will therefore receive 30 million dollars (around 26 million euros) from Amazon Studios for the action adventure “Red One”, which is to celebrate its premiere at Christmas 2023.

Daniel Craig vs. Dwayne Johnson

Johnson could catch up with Craig, however. Because according to “Variety”, his box office compensation is not yet priced into the basic fee. It is said to have a volume of 20 million dollars (17 million euros). Even for films that do not come to the cinemas as planned because of the pandemic, studios pay their stars a kind of compensation for pain and suffering for the lost profit sharing. Warner Bros. reportedly topped up the checks for Will Smith (“King Richard”) and Denzel Washington (“The Little Things”) to $ 40 million each. They share third place in the “Variety” ranking. (Also interesting: Dwayne Johnson – these rules of success made him one of the richest Hollywood actors)

In seventh place, Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts were the highest paid women in Hollywood at $ 25 million each. Tom Cruise had to place himself far behind. The Hollywood star is a fan of the big screen, which apparently lowers his market value in the streaming boom. “Top Gun: Maverick” will be released exclusively in theaters in November 2021. “Variety” put his fee at 13 million dollars (eleven million euros) – only around a quarter of what Craig earns with a “Knives Out” sequel. According to the estimate, that was roughly the fee that Keanu Reeves received for “The Matrix 4”. Robert Pattinson receives just under three million euros for “The Batman”.

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