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Cardi B nude pics leaked from before her career

Cardi B

A few months ago rap superstar Cardi B suffered a major mishap that she could not have guessed. While still half asleep, the rapper published a photo of her bare chest and only realized afterwards that it was visible to everyone.

When she realized the effects of this post a few minutes later, she naturally deleted the photo directly. However, as is well known, the Internet never forgets and has already immortalized the photo in itself. The nude picture went viral within a very short time and a surprising number of memes were created – including some that strongly criticize the size of their nipples.

In addition to the unwanted criticism, the rapper also received encouragement and positive news from many fans, who made one thing clear: Anyone who criticized their nipples and made fun of them has probably never seen a breast in real life – so the tweets.

Nude photos

But how did it get that far? According to the official version of Cardi B’s story, she wanted to send the picture to rapper Offset because her chest was swollen: “I’m in the damn bed, right?

And I say to Offset: ‘I bumped myself here, it got a little bit swollen. It looks puffy on camera! ‘ – So I take the damn photo … and then I press it again and see that it loads something and just think to myself: ‘Oh my god! Oh my god oh my god The picture is loading? ‘”


In addition to this incident, there are also nude photos from her past that are currently in circulation. The rapper herself already spoke about her time as a stripper and also addressed the nude photos of her. Now there is a Twitter page that has made it their business to upload these pictures from before her career as a rapper.

Here you can see the Twitter account:

Twitter account leaks nude photos of Cardi B

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