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“Bild live”, do not block without a reason, OnlyFans is chastened – BILDblog

1. “Undoubtedly based on American news television”
(, Alexander Krei)
Yesterday the “Bild” editorial team started their TV channel “Bild live”. It was based on US news television, as program director Claus Strunz frankly admits. Can this also make a quota in Germany? Alexander Krei is not sure: “The coming months will show.”
Further reading: At the start of “Bild TV”, talked to BILDblog manager Moritz Tschermak. Among other things, it is about the possible dangers of the TV start, the competition with public broadcasters and a questionable role model from US television.
In addition, at “Übermedien” at the start of “Bild live” there is a slightly shortened version of the chapter from the “Bild” -critical book “Without consideration for losses”, which deals with “Bild” television.
And Arno Frank wrote a first review of the “Bild-TV” premiere at “Spiegel”: The trap with the German flag.

2. In the sights of the Agents Act
(, Silke Bigalke)
The repression against independent Russian media continues to increase. On Friday evening two more were put on the so-called “agent list”: the independent online TV broadcaster Doschd (Russian for rain) and the portal iStories, whose editor-in-chief Roman Anin is considered one of the most experienced investigative journalists in the country.

3. “Province” in the best sense of the word
(, Steffen Grimberg)
A photography exhibition in the Saxon town of Grimma shows pictures by the photographer Bernhard Weber, and that in an unusual location: “Because in the middle of the street, photos by Bernhard Weber hang on the long fence around the rather large police station. ‘The provincial photographer who stops time in the picture’ wrote the local newspaper about Weber. Whereby province is explicitly meant positively. Because in the photos from six decades you can see what is often missing elsewhere. “

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4. “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers: “I always think privately whether a flight has to be”
(, Hannah Scheiwe)
“Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers is currently with WDR with travel reports in the series “Wunderschön!” to see. In an interview, she talks about her own travel habits, the aging of a woman on television and she reveals why switching to a commercial broadcaster is currently out of the question for her: “I plan to stay with the ‘Tagesschau’ for a long time. I feel very comfortable in the line-up that I have now. As long as I am given the opportunity to realize myself, I am satisfied. “

5. Not without reason
(, Ruben A. Hofmann)
Again and again there is a dispute about whether social networks such as Facebook and Instagram were allowed to delete certain posts or shut down profiles. In a guest post for, Ruben A. Hofmann gives an overview of the current case law. A ruling by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) clarified some things, but not everything. The disputes over the decisions of the platforms would therefore continue: “In particular with the current judgment of the BGH, important, groundbreaking stakes were taken with regard to the freedom of expression of users of the social networks; but some things were also left open. The limits of the users’ freedom of expression can only be outlined through a large number of individual decisions. “

6. “It feels like treason”
(, Matthias Kreienbrink)
As of October 1st of this year, the OnlyFans platform will no longer tolerate “sexually explicit behavior” in pictures and videos. This is remarkable in that the marketing of such content has so far been one of OnlyFans’ core business: Many sex workers and providers of erotic content had built up large fan bases there, with which they sometimes earned considerable sums of money. But that is now the end, and the reason for this is probably mainly due to the requirements of the payment service providers.

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