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Anna Kendrick: Proud of her admirers

Anna Kendrick (31) thinks that she has achieved something when women adore her.

The actress (‘Up in the Air’) is promoting her new book ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’ and also spoke to the gay magazine ‘The Advocate’ about her lesbian and bisexual fans:

“I’m flattered. When a guy wants to sleep with you, you say to yourself, ‘Congratulations, you have a vagina and a pulse’. But if a woman wants to sleep with me, that makes me proud.”

Anna Kendrick likes men, but can also flirt with beauties like Emily Blunt (33, ‘Girl on the Train’) on social media platforms. “It’s strange. I don’t know how it feels to straight men when they rave about guys, but with straight women, when they rave about other women, there’s always something innocent about it that is hard to explain. It is not really platonic, but then it is not really serious either, “mused the beauty.

Even in her hit film ‘Pitch Perfect’, Brittany Snow’s character Chloé and Anna’s Beca are tingling a bit, which the actress likes: “We’re actually in a lesbian relationship,” winked the Hollywood beauty. “As for us, we think we’re secretly in love with each other. We joked that there will be a really passionate love scene between Chloé and Beca in the third film. It’s just a shame that the age limit would come in. If the people weren’t our relationship would find it cute if we hadn’t continued that in ‘Pitch Perfect 2.’ The more fun we have with it, the more people seem to like it, “said Anna Kendrick happily.

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