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Theatrical releases August 2021 – This role helped Angelina Jolie through the divorce


The actress takes on the lead role in a survival thriller, and Michelle Pfeiffer is back on the screen – this is what awaits you in the cinema.

The trailer for “Those Who Wish Me Dead”.

Warner bros.

  • We are putting together a menu of the best films that are new in theaters this week.

  • Angelina Jolie can be seen as a firefighter in a survival thriller.

  • Michelle Pfeiffer plays a high society lady who has squandered all her money.

  • A French drama depicts lesbian love in old age.

  • In “Apples” people in Greece suffer from memory loss.

“Those Who Wish Me Dead”

It was clear to director Taylor Sheridan that he only wanted to film this story with Angelina Jolie. It’s good that Jolie has a heart for broken characters. The offer for “Those Who Wish Me Dead” reached her in the middle of her divorce from Brad Pitt – and Jolie recognized herself in the lead role.

That’s what it’s all about: Firefighter Hannah (Angelina Jolie) was unable to prevent the death of three hikers on her last mission, and has followed the traumatic experience ever since.
To come to terms with what happened, Hannah retires to a high watch where she fights forest fires.

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Hannah as a protector

Primary school student Connor (Finn Little) seeks help from her. He is pursued by Jack (Aidan Gillen) and Patrick (Nicholas Hoult), two gangsters who killed his father.

Since Connor is the only witness and knows things he shouldn’t know, the two men want to kill him. To do this, they sometimes set entire forests on fire.

The role helped Jolie

Jolie felt lost in the time when the script reached her: “I identified with the part of Hannah that felt as if she couldn’t do a lot,” said Jolie on “SCMP”.

Director Sheridan was understanding, but also pushed Jolie to find her strength and look ahead: “That was exactly what I needed at the time.”

“French Exit”

After the death of her husband, it was not a priority for Frances (Michelle Pfeiffer) to watch out for money. She was having a good time because she was going to die soon anyway, thought Frances. Twelve years later she is still alive.

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The problem: she ran out of money. This is also evident in their environment, Manhattan’s high society. Frances enjoys asking other people what they’ve heard about them, but the game gets boring at some point.

New start in France

There is still enough to move to Paris, to a rented apartment. Frances wants to live there with her son Malcolm (Lucas Hedges) and the cat Small Frank – she is convinced that her husband was reborn in the form of this pet.

The motif of loneliness appealed to Pfeiffer: “It’s a feeling as if you were stranded and then discovered other people on the same island,” she says to “NPR”.

The trailer for «French Exit».

Ascot Elite


Nina (Barbara Sukowa) and Madeleine (Martine Chevallier) are in their seventies. They have lived next to each other for decades and it is clear to those around them: The two have a long friendship, they help each other like neighbors do.

In truth, the two women are a couple, but never dared to talk about their love – until Madeleine suffers a stroke.

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Aris (Aris Servetalis) memories have been set to zero. In “Apples” people in Greece fall into an inexplicable memory loss.

Aris no longer knows what makes him special, what annoys him, what his name is. Therapy should help to build a new identity and to find your way back to everyday life. Aris meets Anna (Sofia Georgovasili), who is undergoing the same treatment.

The trailer for “Apples”.


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