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Star Wars: What became of child star Jake Lloyd as Anakin Skywalker? (Video)

Watch the video: “Star Wars” Child Star – What Happened to Jake Lloyd?

In 1999, numerous “Star Wars” fans rushed into the cinemas to see the long-awaited prequel of the classic space saga.

One of the stars of “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” is 10-year-old Jake Lloyd.

He embodies Anakin Skywalker, the boy who will later become the legendary film villain Darth Vader.

Acting colleague Hayden Christensen takes on the role in the sequel.

But what happened to the child star after his “Star Wars” role?

Just two years after “Star Wars: Episode I”, Lloyd ended his acting career.

According to his own statement, the reason for this was bullying at school.

After one semester, he breaks off studying film and psychology in Chicago.

In 2015, the former child star was arrested for driving without a license, resisting state violence and attacking his mother.

In the same year, his mother made public that he had schizophrenia.

In 2016, Lloyd was transferred to a psychiatric facility after ten months in prison.

The clinic is the last known whereabouts of the former child star.

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