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Satin is trendy! Emma Stone wears the most elegant fabric of the season as “Cruella”

Shiny satin: Emma Stone is wearing the trend material for 2021 as “Cruella”

When we talk about villains, villains and diabolical opponents, the film universe has one or the other big name ready. Feared and at the same time viewed with sympathy, these anti-heroes have quite complex characters, to which one has dedicated their own stories for several years (again and again). Maleficent, the Joker, and now Cruella de Vil (known from the “101 Dalmatians” films) were given the opportunity to show the world how their doom could come about.

Minor, but still essential, is the villain’s predilection for the finer things in life such as design, art and fashion. This is why style and aesthetics also play a key role in the new “Cruella” remake of Disney + (release date May 27, 2021): When trying to make a name for herself in fashion, Estella falls victim to various circumstances and ultimately transforms into her alter ego Cruella de Vil – and delivers cool looks as inspiration.

Emma Stone as “Cruella” in a red satin dress

ddp images / Capital Pictures

Satin is the material trend that will make you shine

With the upswing of the sleek satin skirt last year, the silky, shimmering material returned to the wardrobe. In a clean look with a sweater, T-shirt or blouse, the trend from 2020 contrasts with the opulent robes that Emma Stone is selling as “Cruella”. “Cruella” (played by Glenn Close) has already been celebrated as a style icon in previous films – now in the remake for 2021 she shows us the dreamy elegance of flowing satin silhouettes. Emma Stone proves that satin doesn’t always have to be eccentric and extravagant by adding a punk note as the new Cruella. You too can combine the trend material satin with unexpected contrasts and sporty cuts to make the chic fabric suitable for everyday use. Inspiration for this can be found directly from the runway at Fendi, Miu Miu and Giorgio Armani.

Emma Stone wears a pearly satin robe in the remake of “Cruella”

ddp images / Capital Pictures

Satin: what you should know about the shiny material

Satin, which is primarily a fabric name for a type of weave (consisting of satin weaves) with a characteristic sheen, appears in different variations in fashion. From silk to polyester and mixed weaves, satin is unsurpassed in its variety of materials. Loved and feared (like super villain Cruella!) It is used in different areas: lingerie, bridal wear and ready-to-wear use the material with the characteristic shimmer. The advantages are the flowing fall and the almost weightless materiality – which definitely has a sensitive side. But combining precisely this sensitivity as a conscious contrast to statement accessories and coarse materials makes satin an exciting stylistic device in fashion – and perfect for the transitional period with its often harsh contrasts between cold and warm days.

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