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OnlyFans bans sex content – Starbucks soon also without coffee ?!

In the comedy series Scrubs, Dr. Cox already said it “I am sure that if porn were to be banned on the Internet, there would soon be just one website with the title ‘Give us back the porn’.” This sentence seems very relevant again, because the online platform OnlyFans, which is mainly known for pornographic content, has surprisingly announced that all the sex and dirty stuff is over. A statement emphasizes that sexually explicit content will be banned on OnlyFans from October.

“In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform and to continue to offer an inclusive community of creators and fans, we need to further develop our content guidelines.”, it says in the statement as a justification.

Well-known Twitch streamers are also affected

This step will meet many content creators on OnlyFans. After all, in the pandemic, the platform has also become a great way for sexual service providers to continue making money. But also prominent OnlyFans stars like Belle Delphine or the controversial Twitch streamer Amouranth are affected. However, the latter explains on her OnlyFans profile: “Don’t worry about the OnlyFans changes, if they are real, they still allow nude photos, so you will all still be satisfied.” (via Amouranth’s OnlyFans profile – NATURALLY NSFW!) With this she refers to the comment of the platform operator that nudity is still permitted under the new site rules.

Twitch streamer Amouranth is also on & nbsp;

The Twitch streamer Amouranth is on too

Source: © Youtube: Amouranth

This is how the network reacts to an OnlyFans without porn

But there is now a lot of mockery on the internet. Because OnlyFans has become the epitome of pornographic content in recent years, not a bit more harmless than Pornhub. In addition to statements like “That’s weird. Isn’t that basically the whole business model? As if Google forbids searches?”, “Twitter no longer allows tweets” and “BURNING NEWS: Instagram bans photos taken with a smartphone with immediate effect” there are also many predictions of what will become of OnlyFans. “Then what is the point of the app? There is still Patreon. “ So far, OnlyFans has been able to differentiate itself from Patreon through sexual content, where the rules were already stricter.

Many only know OnlyFans because of NSFW content

“Until now, I had no idea that OnlyFans was ever meant for anything other than porn. Seriously. I thought that was why it was created and that there was nothing but porn there,” wrote a Reddit user, highlighting how the image of the site is strongly anchored in this area. From a technical point of view, there is of course other content, such as cooking. But anyone who says, “Hey, I’m following the person on OnlyFans” is likely to get looked at in a wrong way in everyday conversation.

They really exist, rarely like a unicorn: On OnlyFans you can even find content that revolves around cooking, similar to Instagram posts.

They really exist, rarely like a unicorn: On OnlyFans you can even find content that revolves around cooking, similar to Instagram posts.

Source: OnlyFans

Is OnlyFans shooting itself in the leg financially?

How exactly the financing of OnlyFans should turn out better – insiders cite investors as the reason for the change – is a mystery to many people. After all, creators on the site cede 20 percent of their profits to OnlyFans, while on sites like Patreon only 5 percent of the profits go to the operators. If OnlyFans loses the “porn perk” (our flowery paraphrase), it won’t stop anyone from leaving the site. Many users also remember the changes that the online portal Tumblr went through – before the ban on pornographic content, Tumblr was dated to a billion dollars. Six years after this new rule, Tumblr sold for just $ 3 million. Many users on Reddit, Twitter & Co OnlyFans are now predicting this gloomy future.

But: Is there a good reason for the new NSFW rule on OnlyFans?

But there is also an explanation on Reddit that sees all of this as a small price. Because VISA and Mastercard have distanced themselves from Pornhub in the past. The reason was an allegation that the site wasn’t doing enough against child pornography. Pornhub made it difficult to access as a creator (uploads only by verified users, removal of all content that is not from verified users – i.e. 70 percent of the site), but the damage was there – VISA and Mastercard continue to refuse to work with Pornhub. Users can only support creators through cryptocurrencies. So a huge stream of income from Pornhub has stopped. OnlyFans probably wants to avoid this step and thus nip the sensitive topic of child pornography in the bud.

Do you find the change absurd? Or do you actually know creators and content on OnlyFans that are not pornographic at all? Let us know in the comments. Really – tell us, we are very curious.

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