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“Often said that I am bisexual”

On Twitter, Cardi B fires at critics who accuse their queerbaiting: “I don’t like this new word.”

We have known that Cardi B doesn’t let anything burn in her music videos since her discharge manifesto “WAP” or the triple tonguing in “Up”. The new video for the Normani duo “Wild Side” is no exception: In one scene, the two women appear to be wrapped around the body and seem to be wrapped around them tightly. Now they are accused of queerbaiting because of this.

What does queerbaiting mean?

Literally translated, queerbaiting describes the “baiting” of the queer community with content, statements, storylines, stagings or hints without actually positioning itself. If, for example, a film character appears queer, but her queerness is never really expressed, then the interest of the queer community is aroused without deterring the conservative audience.

But queerbaiting is not only found in film and television: when Billie Eilish titled an Instagram post with “I love girls” during Pride month and leaves open whether the statement is possibly meant as a lesbian coming-out, she heats up deliberately speculates about their sexuality – and “baits” the queer community. Eilish was recently criticized for the caption.

Chosen for you

It was similar for Cardi B and Normani: A text was recently published in “Rolling Stone” that deals with the phenomenon of queerbaiting – and uses the music video for “Wild Side” as an example. The fact that the two scantily clad women hug each other can be understood as queerbaiting, it said. The pregnant Cardi B did not want to let this classification sit on her. On Twitter, she fired against the article.

“Um, queerbaiting? You already know that we tried to hide a whole baby bump, right? Besides: I’m married to a man but I’ve expressed my bisexuality and my experiences with women so often,” said the rapper on twitter. “All of a sudden ‘queerbaiting’ is the new word and people are using it to the point of stopping.”

In one Follow-up tweet Cardi adds – and clarifies what she thinks of the criticism: “I don’t like this new ‘queerbaiting’ word. I have the feeling that it puts artists under pressure to talk about their sexuality or their experiences they are about don’t want to speak. If an artist kisses a woman in a video, does that mean she has to submit videos and text messages with other women? “

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