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Kylie Jenner scares her followers with nasty fingernails>entertainment>

June 16, 2021 – 11:22 am clock

Kylie Jenner’s artificial claws are not so well received by her followers

Looks like a very bad nail fungus, but is apparently a professional work from the nail studio: Kylie Jenner (23) shows herself on Instagram with long orange artificial claws with 3D effects – and her followers think her fingernails are pretty nasty.

“Looks like a fungal infection on your nails!”

Kylie Jenner herself apparently loves her new artificial fingernails, because she not only posts two close-ups of them, but also adds a red heart emoji. The water drop emoji behind it is supposed to indicate that the strange three-dimensional pustules on the tips of the nails want to represent drops. A 3D effect that doesn’t really work in the case of Kylie’s claws. Could be due to the very special color.

Many of her followers find Kylie’s fingernails nasty: “Looks like a fungal infection on your nails!”, “Is that herpes?” or “Looks like blisters on your fingers” write in the comments. The answer to the famous question “Is this art or can it go away?” would be pretty clear here: The claws can go, Kylie. (csp)

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