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Is Selena Gomez’s new song about ex Justin Bieber?

There is new music from Selena Gomez (28)! The singer released her hit “Lose You To Love Me” over a year ago – a farewell song for her long-term on-off partner Justin Bieber (26). Now the 28-year-old has fulfilled a heart’s desire and brought out a Spanish track – Selena has been talking about this project for years and now her fans can hear “De Una Vez” (translated: once and for all): And again many lines of the song remind of what is known about Selena and Justin’s past relationship.

on Instagram Selena announced the release of her song on Thursday – the music video followed shortly afterwards. The song is about lovesickness and a relationship that is finally over. Selena sings: “It doesn’t hurt anymore, the scars of your love have finally healed. […] You’re gone. A lot of time has passed since then and that’s a good thing. “ Sounds like a reference to Justin, who shortly after separating from Selena entered into a love affair with model Hailey (24) and later even married. How hurt Selena must have been at the time, she already indicated with the song “Lose You To Love Me”.

A few weeks ago, the beauty saw in an interview Billboard back to 2020 and seemed unsure how to classify the year. On the one hand, she wishes that the world would be better, on the other hand, she is happy about her new music and the fun it can convey with it.

Selena Gomez, singer
Justin Bieber, singer
Selena Gomez, 2020

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