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Is Emma Watson Retiring?

For a few days there have been rumors about the “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson. She should want to withdraw from the acting world.

the essentials in brief

  • British actress Emma Watson is leaving the film business?
  • In an interview, Watson’s manager commented on the rumors.
  • The 30-year-old has no plans to turn her back on acting.

Last Thursday, the Daily Mail shocked all Emma Watson fans: The Harry Potter actress is said to have given up acting. The 30-year-old should retire with her partner Leo Robinton.

Now your fans can breathe a sigh of relief! Watson’s manager Jason Weinberg makes it clear to “Entertainment Weekly”: The British woman does not intend to turn her back on acting.

It is no coincidence that this rumor was believed by many. In fact, Watson hasn’t been on the big screen very often lately. She was last seen in the book adaptation of “Little Women” in 2019.

Before that, you saw the “Harry Potter” actress on “The Circle” in 2017 at the side of Tom Hanks. In the same year “Beauty and the Beast” appeared, with Emma Watson slipping into the role of Disney princess Belle.

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