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“Inactive”: Emma Watson has put her acting career on hold

Actress Emma Watson (30) has been quiet lately. The actress has not been on screen since her role in the movie “Little Women” over a year ago. There is also no talk of casting or filming. Apparently, however, no missing role offers should be the reason for Emma Be a resting phase, rather it is a conscious decision. She is said to have put her acting career on hold.

In fact, the 30-year-old is said to have turned her back on the film business, like her Daily Mail reported. Emma’s agent has confirmed that the “Harry Potter” star is currently inactive and therefore does not accept any new engagements. According to a source, the Hermione actress wants to relax and enjoy the time with her partner, entrepreneur Leo Alexander Robinton. It is said that she might even want to start a family.

As for her private life, the Briton is very cautious, but recently rumors of a possible engagement have emerged. The couple was spotted in Los Angeles, leaving a suspicious ring on Emma Finger noticed. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

Emma Watson at the premiere of “Little Women”
Emma Watson in Beverly Hills, 2018
Actress Emma Watson and an unknown man

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