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August 21, 2021 – 1:20 pm clock

Is Jason Rubin a Good Choice?

Pop star Britney Spears (39) has been fighting the legal guardianship of her father Jamie Spears (69) for years. The mega-star raises serious allegations that weigh heavily on her father and guardian at the same time. Now Britney’s attorneys have introduced a new potential guardian: Accountant Jason Rubin. At the beginning of 2020, however, the application for guardianship for his own mother was denied! This is now reported by the American celebrity portal “Page Six”.

His own mother didn’t want him as a guardian

Britney Spears is taking legal action against her father's 13-year guardianship

Britney Spears is taking legal action against her father’s 13-year guardianship

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According to available court files, Jason Rubin is said to have applied for guardianship for his mother Ida, as she allegedly had psychoses and suffered from other psychological problems. He also submitted a medical certificate to the court, which was not recognized after more than a year of legal dispute, as the court ruled that Ida Rubin “had suffered from a mental illness for some time”, but was “able to answer for.” to care for themselves and cope with their daily activities “. Thus, the accountant was turned down as a guardian for his own mother.

Jamie Spears resigns “when the time is right”

Britneys’ legal team moved in July this year that Rubin should be appointed legal guardian of the “Toxic” interpreter. Citing the US newspaper “Newsweek”, Jason Rubin would give the guardianship “the power and authorization […] Help decide on Britney Spears appearances, recordings, videos, tours and television appearances. “In August, Jamie Spears said he was ready to step down as guardian” when the time is right, “but added that he” intends to join the court and his daughter’s new lawyer to work together. “The next court date is set for September 29th.

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