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Emma Watson: New Look – No more long mane!>entertainment>

March 15, 2021 – 10:23 am clock

Emma Watson has her hair off

Oha, someone apparently used the corona lockdown to try out a new look in silence. Nobody sees you anyway. Not true, dear Emma Watson, the paparazzi caught you and documented your new haircut. The 30-year-old has parted with her long mane, as we show in the video.

Emma was hui upstairs, downstairs more … casual

Emma is not really easy to recognize behind her mouth and nose protection, but attentive photographers have recognized her despite the new haircut. By the way, the hair also looks a bit lighter.

Although Emma now wears an elegant bob on her head, she was otherwise pretty casual in a sweatshirt, leggings and Birkenstock sandals in Beverly Hills, where she had an appointment with a tailor. Maybe because of her wedding dress? Most recently, a flashy ring on her finger sparked speculation about an engagement to her boyfriend Leo Robinton. The entrepreneur, who Emma has been with since 2019, definitely seems to be a very good one, because he got his Emma sandwiches to strengthen himself for her exhausting tailoring appointment.

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