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Edge of Tomorrow 2 – Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt return for sequel

“Live. Die Again and again “: Warner Bros. does that too and wants the sequel to the sci / fi thriller by 2020 at the latest Edge of Tomorrow followed by director Doug Liman. He put Tom Cruise to a severe test four years ago, causing him to die countless screen deaths. Always by his side: co-star Emily Blunt from A quiet place. After tough negotiations, there was finally the green light for the sequel, which was first hinted at in early 2016. Both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are expected to be in front of the camera again, while filmmaker Doug Liman is likely to be back in the register. There is only one innovation for the authors. Matthew Robinson (The Invention Of lying) is said to have presented the studio with an idea that was apparently so well received that it was decided in favor of him and against Christopher McQuarrie. The latter should be with Mission: Impossible 7 and 8th but already fully booked. If Edge of Tomorrow 2 will be implemented before or after the two impossible missions is still uncertain.

Even then, Liman assured: “If the film is made, it will really only be because Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise and yours truly want it and we believe in the film. Fortunately, there is a storyline that we fell directly in love with. The script too Edge of Tomorrow 2 does justice to this idea! The film will revolutionize the continuation ”, enthuses Liman and with his optimistic forecast for the future should definitely boost expectations again.

In the original, Tom Cruise plays Major Bill Cage, who has no combat experience when he is assigned to a mission without warning. Cage is killed within minutes, but ends up in a mysterious time warpthat condemns him to relive the same gruesome battle on the bloody front over and over again: over and over again he has to fight and die.

But with every argument he gains experience and reacts more and more adeptly to the opponents, whereby the fighter Rita Vrataski (Blunt) from the Special Forces actively supports him. As Cage and Rita face the fight against the aliens, each repeated mission creates a new chance to overcome the alien invaders.

It dies again in a loop. © Warner Bros.

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