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Dogecoin: bodybuilder Nick Balazs lifts heavy!

Elon Musk likes the biggest proponent of Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) when it comes to corporate prestige and net worth, but it can be argued that Nick Balazs the biggest Dogecoin proponent is when it comes to muscle.

Balazs is a competitive bodybuilder who has competed in the National Physique Committee (NPC), with his best finish to date being third in the Southern States 2018.

While bodybuilding fans know Balazs from his competitions, a larger segment appreciates his sizable social media fan base Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), YouTube and Instagram his muscle game on behalf of Dogecoin.

A doge life

In an upcoming interview that will be on the new podcast is broadcast , Balazs remembered his first ventures in the crypto environment.

“I bought Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) in 2012, I bought Litecoin (CRYPTO: LTC) in 2013, and then I bought my first Dogecoin, ”he said. “My first purchase was 4 million in February 2014.”

Balazs acknowledged that while many people keep pointing out that Dogecoin was initially created as a joke, he realized that there was more to the Dogecoin concept than digital hilarity.

“I realized very early on that there was huge potential for the future,” he said, adding that he had developed an investment strategy where he treated his Dogecoin like it was $ 1.

Balazs calculated that he spent about $ 10,000 on his first Dogecoin purchase when it was trading at 0.0007, which is now worth “a few million.” He admitted that some people are trying to take advantage of his crypto prediction late on. “No, I do not lend – the Balazs bank is not open,” he laughed.

Spread the word

Balazs was intrigued by the new mainstream media interest in Dogecoin via Musk’s exuberant and sometimes enigmatic tweets, although he hoped the cryptocurrency’s success wouldn’t depend too much on Musk’s ongoing comments.

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“I think Dogecoin is a stand-alone thing,” he noted, “I’ve said for a long time that there is no person who controls Dogecoin. That’s one of the reasons I chose it as my cryptocurrency – there is no CEO, there is no one to drive it. “

Balazs, for his part, has become something of a walking figurehead for Dogecoin, thanks of a Shiba Inu tattooCreated by an ink-on-flesh artist who turned out to be a long-lost college friend.

“I told him the full story and he opened the shop for me on a Sunday when they were closed,” he said. He’s done a great job – he’s never done anything like this before, but he got it done perfectly.

And while Balazs’ tattoo makes an impact in his gym, he’s best known for finding Dogecoin through his social media pages and a recurring guest appearance on the YouTube podcasts by Steven Steele to promote.

The way to the future

Looking ahead to the near future, Balazs has no immediate plans to return to the bodybuilding scene. The 2020 pandemic canceled the competition calendar and Balazs stated that he was reassessing his place in sport, noting that he “values ​​my health much more than being a huge guy.”

As for his activities in the field of cryptocurrencies, he donates Cardano (CRYPTO: ADA), which is part of its portfolio, is getting more attention. He’s also paying attention to how the federal government will react to cryptocurrency developments, despite repeated warnings from the hedge fund manager Ray Dalio does not share that the federal government might try to ban cryptocurrencies to ensure the vitality of the dollar.

“I don’t want cryptocurrencies to be suppressed by the regulators,” he said, “but at the same time I don’t think there’s anything against any regulation, especially when it comes to the world of tokens. I think there probably needs to be a little more regulation there. But I can’t see the US just banning cryptocurrencies unless something goes terribly wrong, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. “


Photos: Courtesy of Nick Balazs.

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