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Distraction ?: Mila Kunis Doesn’t Look Like That Anymore

Mila Kunis doesn’t look like that anymore

Everyone is talking about her husband right now, but it’s also worth taking a look at Mila Kunis. The actress doesn’t get into conversation with old bed stories, but with a completely new hairstyle.

Mila Kunis is completely involuntarily in the headlines these days – at least indirectly. Her husband Ashton Kutcher is heavily burdened by his ex-wife Demi Moore. He is said to have betrayed her and treated her badly. But while he is still thinking about how to defend himself, Kunis does not have much time to deal with the allegations. She’s probably making a new movie right now. In any case, their optical radical change cannot be explained in any other way. She was just demonstrating trustworthy unity in brunette with Kutcher, but a little later Kunis’s optics have changed tremendously.

Since her breakthrough with the sitcom “The Wild Seventies”, Kunis has been known with brown, medium-length hair and googly eyes. She still has googly eyes. However, the 36-year-old is currently wearing hydrogen-blonde hair. And not only that: the tips are colored turquoise.

Paparazzi have photographed Kunis in the new look. At first she tried to hide her hair after going to the hairdresser. She is in photos with a big black hoodie to see that she pulled deep into her face. A little later, however, they caught the photographer with a baseball cap – and the new hairstyle is clearly visible under it.

It can be assumed that Kunis’ new look is only a temporary change of type. In any case, the light hair initially distracts from the scandals that Demi Moore is currently conjuring up. Not only Kunis and Kutcher are affected. Moore also claimed that her former co-star and “Two and a Half Men” actor Jon Cryer had his first experience with her, which he denied. She also revealed that she had cheated on her first husband, the musician Freddy Moore, the night before the marriage.

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