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Up to $ 100 million for two films: these are the top salaries of Hollywood stars

Up to $ 100 million for two films: these are the top salaries of Hollywood stars

Ten years ago, the venerable cinema filled the accounts of Hollywood stars. At the moment, portals such as Netflix and HBO are increasingly paying the highest salaries for actors. Even today, movie stars are paid princely for their roles and often earn more by leaving the big screen behind and being seen in streaming. Daniel Craig, for example, is earning a nine-figure salary of 100 million US dollars thanks to two sequels to Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out” according to “Variety”. With Jennifer Lawrence, a woman is only in seventh place among the top earners – for “Don’t Look Up” she received 25 million US dollars, half of Craig’s earnings if one were to be paid for two “Knives Out” sequels cut in half.

Former top stars like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, icons of the noughties, are also very far behind – and Robert Pattinson receives a measly three million US dollars as “The Batman”.

Here are the top salaries for Hollywood stars in 2020:

Daniel Craig – “Knives Out ‘sequels”: $ 100 million
Dwayne Johnson – “Red One”: $ 50 million
Will Smith – “King Richard”: $ 40 million
Denzel Washington – “The Little Things”: $ 40 million
Leonardo DiCaprio – “Don’t Look Up”: $ 30 million
Mark Wahlberg – “Spenser Confidential”: $ 30 million
Jennifer Lawrence – “Don’t Look Up”: $ 25 million
Julia Roberts – “Leave the World Behind”: $ 25 million
Sandra Bullock – “The Los City of D”: $ 20 million
Ryan Gosling – “The Gray Man”: $ 20 million
Chris Hemsworth – Thor: Love and Thunder: $ 20 million
Brad Pitt – Bullet Train: $ 20 million
Michael B. Jordan – “Without Remorse”: $ 15 million
Tom Cruise – “Top Gun: Maverick”: $ 13 million
Keanu Reeves – “The Matrix 4”: $ 12-14 million
Chris Pine – “Dungeons and Dragons”: $ 11.5 million
Robert Pattinson – “The Batman”: $ 3 million

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