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Sweden has to pay drug dealers $ 1.6 million in Bitcoin

A curious case shows that cryptocurrencies pose new challenges for the judiciary.

Two years ago a drug dealer was convicted in Sweden. By trafficking in drugs, he has 36 bitcoin taken.

The man had to go to jail. The court ruled that the illegal proceeds would be confiscated. At that point, the 36 was bitcoin Worth just under $ 150,000. The court set the value at 1.3 million Swedish kronor.

Only 3 of the 36 bitcoins were sold

While the drug dealer was in jail, the Swedish authorities were hired to sell the bitcoin. By the time it actually happened, Bitcoin’s price had soared. The authority just had to Sell ​​3 of the 36 Bitcointo receive the sum of 1.3 million Swedish crowns.

According to the current legal situation, the authorities must now return the remaining 33 Bitcoin to the sentenced and imprisoned drug dealer. According to the current course, these are Worth $ 1.6 million.


Tove Kullberg, the prosecutor for this case, calls the situation “unhappy in several ways.” At the time of the trial, the drug dealer described in detail how he had earned the 36 Bitcoin from illegal drug sales. Accordingly, all Bitcoin should actually be confiscated and not just the (then) value of Bitcoin. One would learn from the case and proceed differently in the future.

The Telegraph report does not reveal how long the drug dealer has been in prison or has now been released. Drug trafficking is common in Sweden, depending on the extent 2 to 10 years in prison punished. Should the Bitcoin exchange rate remain stable or at least not plummet too much, the drug dealer will likely leave prison as a millionaire.

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