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Schlager: Vanessa Mai posts photo of feet – for only fans?

Vanessa Mai, singer, is performing at Gruenspan as part of her teaser show tour for her new album "Forever" on.

Vanessa Mai (here at a concert in November 2019) has fun on Instagram.

Pop singer Vanessa Mai posts a photo of her feet and asks her fans if it would be suitable for an account on OnlyFans. She’s having a joke over a recent comment from a follower.

Aspach. Now she’s making fun of a fan comment! Vanessa Mai (29) regularly posts sexy photos of herself on Instagram. The singer used the latest series of snapshots to ask her fans a question that can be understood with a wink.

Because most recently Vanessa Mai posed in bed – a fan asked bluntly whether she would soon open an “OnlyFans” account. There, more and more celebrities are now publishing, sometimes quite intimate, content and have their followers pay for the photos and videos properly.

For Vanessa Mai this is probably not an option! Although the attractive singer likes to be sexy on her social media channels, she has not yet crossed the line to explicit nude photos. And it will probably stay that way.

In her YouTube show “On Mai Way”, Vanessa Mai already talked about an offer from “Playboy” – and expressed her clear opinion about it. The singer in December 2020: “You have to say you take really nice photos. And I think the women who do that have really nice pictures. But it just smacks of undressing for a magazine. “

Vanessa Mai posts a photo and asks fans for their opinion

The same then certainly applies to a platform like “OnlyFans”. That her fans ask her about it anyway, she has now allowed herself a joke.

There are currently three photos on her Instagram page, which together make a large snapshot and which she uses to advertise her new “Fabletics” collection. One photo shows her head, one her body and one her feet. Vanessa Mai also posted the latter alone in her Instagram story and asked her fans: “Are foot photos also what an OnlyFans account?”

Vanessa Mai posted this photo on August 19, 2021 in her Instagram story.  Screenshot created for reporting.

Vanessa Mai posted this photo on August 19, 2021 in her Instagram story.

It can be doubted that she really plans to show photos of her feet or the like there. However: Under the photo on her page, comments like “So sexy feet” or “Wow, so beautiful feet” could be read quickly.

In April 2020, Vanessa Mai also spoke about her revealing Instagram photos in an interview.

Vanessa Mai at the time: “I post the photos based on what I feel at the moment, what I personally like and which I believe my fans will do too. Where is there a problem? We live in a world where there is nothing wrong with wearing a blouse where you can see your cleavage. If people see things differently, that’s their problem. ”The photos of her feet seem to please her fans in any case – regardless of the platform on which the pop singer publishes them. (sku)

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