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Relieved to see Harvey Weinstein’s detention

Eva Green is relieved that Harvey Weinstein is in jail.

According to her mother, the actress is also said to have been a victim of Weinstein.

The disgraced film mogul is said to have tried to sexually assault her in a hotel room at the beginning of her career. The now 39-year-old never spoke about the incident herself, but she now praised the women who went public with their stories and experiences and was relieved that the former film producer is now in prison. “I am grateful that justice has been done,” Eva told Telegraph magazine. “I commend the brave women who risked so much by going public. Not just their careers and reputations, but the pain they suffered from being rape again.” to get the sexual offender out of the way, courage [dieser Frauen] changed the world. “

The ‘Proxima’ actress was also pleased that the film industry has changed a little to put women more and more in the spotlight. However, this is still not enough. “It’s good, but there is so much more to be done. It’s so drastic – it’s very difficult for men, they get so many blows. They are very good men.” There is one particular Eva who raves about in particular: director Tim Burton, with whom she worked on ‘Dumbo’. “My dream as a child and later on has always been to work with him. I love his world. He’s also a very nice person.”

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