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Palina Rojinski goes under the podcasters. In your new audio project Podkinski The 33-year-old presenter and actress elicits her very personal stories from prominent guests on the Spotify streaming service. She wants to playfully examine the big and small questions in life, “tickle the unknown, spread contagious laughter and look into the future,” she wrote on Instagram. For them it means not being in front of the camera for once and instead “having time for depth, real pace of life”. Just an hour of listening.

Steven Spielberg made a collector happy. The fact is that he has now bought a half-smoked cigar from the American star director for 1,100 euros, as reported by the online platform »CodeList«. Spielberg had the cigar in 2000 during the production of the series Band of Brothers smoked. It is said to have come from the ashtray in his Hatfield office. The good piece was offered for sale by a former assistant to the filmmaker who wants to raise money for a family outing through the auction.

Eva Green is more traditional – at least when it comes to a role. “James Bond should stay a man. A woman just doesn’t make sense, ”said the 38-year-old actress, who lives in Casino Royale plays alongside the world-famous secret agent, the “Vanity Fair”. Daniel Craig will play the role of the 007 superhero one last time, which is why there is speculation about his successor. She is very much for women, Green said, they can “play different characters in action films and be superheroes.” But she couldn’t imagine a Jane Bond.

Daniel Barenboim can stay at home. At least on March 25th, when the program for the next season is presented at the Berlin State Opera. For the first time in many years there will be no press conference but an online announcement. The suspicion arises that after the reports about the rough management style of the 76-year-old conductor, one would like to avoid a discussion with media representatives. The State Opera stated that they wanted to try out “another format”. bp

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