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OnlyFans: New OFTV app for image change

Too much bare skin prevented OnlyFans from accessing the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Now the platform is launching another app called OFTV (OnlyFans-TV), which, unlike the original, includes youth-friendly content and is therefore also integrated into the various stores. In fact, the actors are mostly the same, just not quite as naked and the activities shown differ significantly.

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OFTV: YouTube for porn actors?

According to Bloomberg, the app has been in development since January 2021, but is only now being actively promoted by OnlyFans. OFTV should give fans the opportunity to see their favorite actors up close. At first glance, the platform looks like YouTube. However, there are no correct user profiles here – instead, under the videos, you are directed directly to the actors’ OnlyFans page. Indirect advertising for the actors, so to speak. According to Bloomberg, OFTV should already have more than 800 videos and have its own series called “Unlocked”. Unlocked features interviews with personalities such as former porn actress Mia Khalifa and actress and singer Bella Thorne. Dance, cooking, meditation and surfing courses can also be found on OFTV. According to Bloomberg, there are currently no plans to charge the platform or to advertise.

OnlyFans: 1.7 billion euros in annual sales

OnlyFans is currently still inextricably linked with adult content in the public domain. More than a million content providers lead the platform and around 85 million users, it is said. OnlyFans generates 1.7 billion euros in sales, of which 340 million euros are left for the company after deducting the actors’ fee, according to The Verge.

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