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Mila Kunis: Pissed off at Demi Moore

Mila Kunis
Your reaction to Demi Moore’s reveal book

Mila Kunis

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Hollywood actress Demi Moore washes dirty clothes in her autobiography “Inside Out”. This is how Mila Kunis is said to have reacted to the disclosure book of her husband Ashton Kutcher’s ex.

Demi Moore, 56, is on everyone’s lips with her autobiography “Inside Out”. The work is a veritable reveal book in which the actress (“Striptease”) unpacks about her terrible past. In the book, she relentlessly tells us that she was raped when she was 15 and what her mother was to blame for it.

Demi Moore’s reveal book “Inside Out”

In addition, the Hollywood beauty unpacks the problems in marriage with action star Bruce Willis, 64. “He wanted me to be a mother who would stay at home while he could do whatever he wanted,” says Moore in her work, which was published on September 24th.

Demi Moore: Spicy details about Ashton Kutcher

Her second ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, 41, also gets his fat off. A traumatic event shook the relationship: Demi Moore suffered a miscarriage and, unfortunately, did not get pregnant after several more attempts. Threesomes and affairs also shaped the marriage, which divorced in 2013.

Ashton Kutcher responded on Twitter

That Demi Moore felt compelled to write down her story and unpack it about him after all this time shocked her ex Ashton Kutcher and his family. With a Twitter posting, he explained how he had dealt with the disclosure book and the descriptions about him: “I was about to post a very nasty tweet. Then I looked at my son, my daughter and my wife and deleted it again . ” He puts a heart emoji behind it.

Mila Kunis is mad

So the Kutcher family doesn’t want to do their dirty laundry in public, but that doesn’t mean it’s not boiling beneath the surface. An insider told Hollywood Life how Mila Kunis, 36, is doing with Demi Moore revealing so many piquant details about her previous marriage to Ashton.

“Mila hates that …”

As you can imagine, Ashton Kutcher’s wife is not exactly thrilled. “Mila hates Demi doing so much dirty laundry in the book. It’s about so many things that she just doesn’t want the kids to know about or make fun of in front of the kids.” In any case, the beautiful actress doesn’t like to talk about the closet and reveal private information about her marriage in interviews. She enjoys her private life much more, but Demi Moore seems to give a whistle with her book on how Mila Kunis is doing with the revelations about her husband.

Mila Kunis hasn’t read the book

Now you could imagine that Mila Kunis has already read the book, but puff cake. “She doesn’t want anything to do with it and is just happy when the reports stop,” an insider told Hollywood Life. She doesn’t want to “talk about the book” and prefers to ignore the reporting as best she can. “There is no way Mila will read the book, that would be the last thing she would do,” the informant knows. Kunis’ friends should also touch the actress with kid gloves and avoid this highly sensitive topic as much as possible – otherwise the Hollywood actress would freak out completely.

That Demi Moore went public with all the information was a big shock for the mother of two. For them, Ashton Kutcher is not the man from back then, but the loving father of their two children Wyatt, four, and Dimitri, two. And: a loving husband. In spite of the autobiography, that will of course not change.

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