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Crazy: Fans Believe Katy Perry is pregnant again

That would be pretty sporty! Katy Perry (36) became a mother for the first time in August last year. Instead of taking a long baby break, the singer was back in front of the camera a few weeks later. She is part of the American Idol family and sits on the jury shortly after birth in the American version of DSDS. At the weekend, the first episode of the new season flickered on the screens in the USA – and some fans were at the sight of Katy Firmly convinced: There are offspring on the way again!

The juror’s appearance was widely discussed on social media. at Twitter the users asked themselves on the one hand whether she is pregnant again and on the other hand whether the episode might have been recorded when Katy was still in other circumstances with daughter Daisy. But nothing of the sort was the case. The little bulge that was visible under her outfit was probably Katys After-baby bodysuit. The auditions were recorded last autumn – as a reminder: Katys Baby was born in late August.

At the beginning of October 2020, the 36-year-old from the “American Idol” set reported and her InstagramFan announces that her maternity leave is over and she is officially back. In this context, she also revealed that she diligently pumps milk for her daughter during the breaks – To be so pregnant again at this point in time that you can already recognize the baby bump is more of an impossibility.

Singer Katy Perry at a gala in California
Katy Perry, singer
Katy Perry, 2020

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