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Better actress thanks to Meryl Streep

Amanda Seyfried describes Meryl Streep as her greatest idol.

The blonde beauty is incredibly lucky, in 2008 at the side of the screen legend in the musical film ‘Mamma Mia!’ having played. “The person who inspired me the most was Meryl Streep. Working with her was an incredible experience,” enthuses the 34-year-old. At the beginning, she was nervous to meet the icon. “But she’s human and working with her really took my acting skills to another level,” she says.

In an interview with ‘new!’ Magazine, Amanda talks about another important point in her career. “The moment that turned my life upside down was when I played Karen in Girls Club. got, “she chats. In the teen comedy, the actress was seen alongside Lindsay Lohan. “I’ve had so many wonderful roles since then, but that’s when it all started.”

The American had “no plan B” for what she could otherwise do with her life. “I was enrolled in college in New York, but I never went because I got the role in Girls Club. I think I should have just seen where it took me through college,” she says.

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