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Aquaman 2: 1.5 million votes against Amber Heard

Aquaman 2
1.5 million votes against Amber Heard

Must Amber Heard get her role in "Aquaman 2" fear?

Does Amber Heard have to worry about her role in “Aquaman 2”?

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Should Amber Heard lose her role in “Aquaman 2”? Over 1.5 million angry Johnny Depp fans have a clear opinion on this.

Johnny Depp (57) had to relinquish his job in “Fantastic Beasts 3” to Mads Mikkelsen (55) because of his toxic relationship with Amber Heard (34) and the associated, lost court case. Heard, on the other hand, who also did not get off well in the accounts in court, will continue to be involved in “Aquaman 2” – a fact that was mentioned in an online petition entitled “Removes Amber Heard from ‘Aquaman 2′” meanwhile angered over 1.5 million people. So many have already virtually signed the application of a woman named Jeanne Larson.

The reason for the “” petition: Heard was also convicted of domestic violence by Depp, had spread untruths about her ex-husband and had also been violent against her ex-girlfriend Tasya Van Ree (44) before. Reason enough to exclude Heard from the Warner Bros. film studio’s continuation of the DC adaptation, according to supporters of the petition. So far without success, Heard should continue to return as ocean resident Mera at the side of Jason Momoa (41) in the “Aquaman” sequel.


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