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watson super series guide: Netflix to Sky – streaming hits for the 4th week of August

“The White Lotus” will be available on Sky from August 23rd. picture: sky

watson super series guide: Netflix, Amazon, Disney + and Sky highlights for the 4th week of August

Every weekend there are the best recommendations for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Sky, Joyn and MagentaTV in our ultimate streaming guide – from the most exciting series restarts to hidden gems.

The summer has already passed, but we are secretly hoping for a few more beautiful days. Still, it’s good that the streaming services are still busy releasing new films and series so that we have something new to watch on the cooler summer evenings! To make the streaming selection easier for you, we have selected the most exciting new releases and the best classics for the week from August 20th to 27th.

Regardless of whether documentaries, sitcoms, mystery thrillers or anything in between: In the watson-super series guide you will find exactly the right series and films for you!



New at Netflix you can watch the new dramedy series “The Professor” from August 20th. In it, Sandra Oh from “Grey’s Anatomy” plays the professor Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim, who is taking up a new position as head of the faculty at a renowned university. She is the first woman to hold this position and one of the few people of color in the college. She quickly falls in love with a colleague, but does not want to admit this and tries to suppress her feelings. But she is not the only one who falls for the charming lecturer.


From August 20th you can watch the new action thriller “Sweet Girl” starring Jason Momoa on Netflix. It is about the family man Ray Cooper, whose beloved wife falls ill with cancer and eventually dies when a life-saving drug is withdrawn from the market. Now Ray has to take care of their daughter Rachel alone. But he doesn’t give up that easily: He at least wants to get answers from the pharmaceutical company that could have saved his wife’s life. But the more he tries, the more dark secrets he comes across and uncovered a conspiracy that is life-threatening for him and his daughter …

Watson author Sophia has picked out the latest streaming recommendations for you. picture: di matti

Amazon Prime Video


As of August 20th, you can watch the new mystery thriller series “Nine Perfect Strangers” on Amazon Prime Video. The focus is on nine stressed city dwellers who are looking for healing and transformation in a small and remote wellness resort. Masha, the head of the department, is extremely caring and helpful. But the participants have no idea what kind of program they have embarked on. Among others, Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans, Regina Hall, Michael Shannon and Samara Weaving will be there.


Dark comedy

From August 23rd you can watch the new series “The White Lotus” on Sky. It is about a group of privileged American hotel guests who spend their vacation in a Hawaiian luxury resort. But even if it begins like a picture book for the holidaymakers, darker and gloomy abysses come to light from day to day. So as they try to maintain the perfect facade, the situation continues to come to a head. Among others, Jennifer Coolidge, Connie Britton and Alexandra Daddario will be there.

Disney +


From August 25th you can watch the British comedy series “Breeders” on Disney +. In it, Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard play the couple Paul and Ally, who experience the “normal madness” of bringing up children. Both are employed and have to get everything under one roof. Then Ally’s aging father shows up and the family takes him in. Unfortunately, he is no easier than a toddler – on the contrary: discussions still have to be held with him …



In his own MagentaTV talk show format “Best cast”, the presenter Johannes B. Kerner speaks to top-class personalities from business, politics, sport, entertainment and society. He receives his guests in special places and has in-depth conversations with them. His current political interviews with Chancellor candidates Annalena Baerbock, Olaf Scholz and Armin Laschet are particularly recommended. However, it is not just about hard political facts, but also about personal matters. Annalena Baerbock reveals how she can switch off, Olaf Scholz reports on his hike on Kilimanjaro, and Armin Laschet talks about his childhood and youth in a Catholic home.



Finally! From August 26th there will be new episodes “jerks.” at Joyn. Two episodes of the fourth season are to appear weekly on the streaming service. And of course, many uncomfortable moments of foreign embarrassment can also be expected in season four. Pheline separates from Fahri, but he wants to save the marriage with a luxurious couple’s vacation and therapy together. The little catch: Christian and Emily are also coming. Because Fahri would also like to apologize to them. Of course, absurd situations are inevitable …

Movie of the week

As of August 21st, you can watch two films from the “Kong / Godzilla” series on Amazon Prime Video. On the one hand the film “Godzilla” with Elizabeth Olson, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sally Hawkins, Juliette Binoche and Ken Watanabe. A primeval monster wakes up and threatens humanity. But is it really Godzilla that they must fear? Another new addition to the program is “Kong: Skull Island”, which is set on an apparently deserted Pacific island in the 1970s. A few researchers, as well as the military, want to find out what the fabulous Risentiere and monsters are supposed to be found on this island. Among others, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman will be there.

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