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Trailer for the pandemic heist comedy starring Anne Hathaway

Source: HBO Max

Regardless of how you feel about the current corona measures, which will probably be tightened very soon, almost everyone agrees on one point: the lockdown is no fun. Endless, caustic zoom meetings, overwhelmed parents who are stuck in the home office with their children, lonely people living alone, life under the constant sword of Damocles of potential infection – there are so many unpleasant aspects of life in lockdown that you don’t even know where to start. What most of them experience, however, is the monotony of everyday life, from which it is hardly possible to break out. Those who used to spend the whole week with different activities and were already scheduled several weekends in advance now usually have a yawning emptiness in their calendar. Every day is like the other. What was still quite decelerating for some in the first round of lockdown is slowly straining everyone’s patience and resilience. A colleague recently told me that he had decided not to go to the supermarket and the butcher on the same day in order to divide the “trips” over two days.

In the absence of most of the usual recreational activities and public life, more people than ever are taking their distraction from movies and series. These offer an escape into the “normal” world, in which Corona does not (yet) exist and people can meet in larger groups carefree. So I wonder if the people who are currently living their lives in lockdown really want to see a movie that is exactly what this is about. Locked downby Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) staged and from “Peaky Blinders”– and “Taboo”– The film, written by Steven Knight, is one of the many coronavirus-themed projects that sprouted like mushrooms last year. During the tasteless Michael Bay production Songbird used the pandemic as a starting point for a paranoia thriller is Locked down a relationship box packed into a heist comedy against the backdrop of the corona lockdown in London.

As you can imagine, the project was conceived very quickly and was filmed last summer under strict security precautions. Oscar winner Anne Hathaway (Interstellar) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange) play the married couple Linda and Paxton from London, who actually wanted to split up when the lockdown came and forced them to continue living together out of necessity. While delivery truck driver Paxton is on leave, Linda has to lay off employees on behalf of her company, which puts even more strain on her already ailing nerves. But then a unique opportunity arises. Through a chain of circumstances, Linda and Paxton gain access to the vault of Harrod’s London department store, where a precious diamond is kept, and they devise a daring plan to steal it. The diamond robbery also turns into a kind of couples therapy for the two of them.

Filming too Locked down Lasted only 18 days and the budget was only $ 3 million according to the director, despite the star ensemble. Ben Stiller (Tropic Thunder), Stephen Merchant (Logan – The Wolverine), Ben Kingsley (Iron man 3), Mindy Kaling (Ocean’s 8), Claes Bang (“Dracula”), Dulé Hill (“Suits”), Mark Gatiss (“Sherlock”) and Lucy Boynton (Bohemian Rhapsody) also appear in the film, but most of them only in cameos on computer screens via zoom. Streaming service HBO max Warner production started on January 14th released in the USA. When and where the film will appear in this country has not yet been determined.

Below you can see the US trailer for this mix Ocean’s Eleven, Marriage story and see the grim lockdown reality:

If enough time has passed, one may look back on the film differently than a kind of time capsule, a relic from a very bizarre phase of our world history. But currently it seems rather strange to me to see a casual heist comedy that also reminds us of what a caustic situation we are in right now. In itself, the basic idea of ​​a quarreling couple who decide together to commit jewelery theft sounds quite amusing. Masks, zoom chats and already worn toilet paper jokes, on the other hand, shouldn’t have been necessary. On the other hand, it is probably inevitable that the pandemic will also leave a lasting, lasting impression on entertainment content.

Meanwhile, I’m much more interested in Liman’s next project, which will literally take Tom Cruise and him into space.

The trailer wakes you up Locked down Are you interested in the film?

Locked Down Trailer & Poster

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