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NFT drop from Rammstein singer Till Lindemann only causes trouble

Till Lindemann wanted to bring in over one million euros with his NFT drop “NFTill”. That has not worked so far and there is trouble on top of that.

They lie like lead on the virtual shelves of the young NFT marketplace “Twelve x Twelve” – ​​the limited edition of ten copies of the NFT video for the song “Lubimiy Gorod” (in German: Beloved City), which Till Lindemann is in the rooms of famous Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg.

Lindemann wants to raise 100,000 euros per video, a total of one million. The NFT (non-fungible tokens) have been available on the marketplace for solvent buyers since August 6th. Apart from ten likes, the project page has little to show – certainly no buyer. Lindemann also had dinner in Moscow on top of the pure NFT.

The flight, accommodation and visa for the buyer and an accompanying person should also be included in the purchase price. However, buyers should have redeemed this dinner invitation by August 22nd at the latest. It is quite possible that for those with the necessary wallet it was too short-term.

It is not that high prices and low volumes generally put off NFT buyers. Just recently, Mila Kunis had sold 10,000 Stoner Cats in 25 minutes and made over eight million dollars. The 10,000 “degenerate monkeys” on the Solanart marketplace were even sold out after ten minutes.

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Hermitage speaks of “dirty game”

Lindemann is also stressed on another front because of his NFT project. The management of the Hermitage itself accuses the Rammstein frontman of copyright infringement. In addition to the videos, Lindemann also sells three animated recordings with motifs from the Hermitage via Twelve X Twelve at prices between 199 and 999 euros. Of the cheapest motif, 19 out of 199 have already sold.

These NFTs are a thorn in the side of the Hermitage. (Screenshot: t3n / Twelve X Twelve)

The art museum does not agree with this. There is a usage agreement for recordings from the museum. However, this would have been granted exclusively for use as a music video. According to its own statements, the Hermitage would not have allowed any other use, even if it had been requested. The museum is particularly bothered by the presentation of various works of art from the exhibition. Lindemann is said to have been aware of the museum’s concerns before the NFT drop. He started it anyway.

If the allegations of the museum, which meanwhile speaks of a “dirty game” by Lindemann, prove to be true or are held in court, it can be expensive for the artist, who should actually be very familiar with usage rights. After all, at the beginning of the noughties, Rammstein was one of the most frequently pirated bands and was not squeamish when it came to legal action against server operators who unlawfully hosted Rammstein-MP3.

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