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Mayhem? Britney Spears triggers a police operation – an investigation is ongoing

“Oops” what’s going on in the Spears house? An employee of the pop star called the police. Allegedly, the singer is said to have attacked her. Now the incident is being investigated.

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Britney Spears is in trouble with the police: An employee apparently claims that the singer hit her. The traditionally well-informed US newspaper “The Hollywood Reporter” reports, citing a police officer, that Spears was named as a suspect in an investigation into alleged assault. The incident is said to have occurred earlier this week during an argument at their Thousand Oaks home.

The police officer confirmed, according to the report, that Spears’ agent had called Ventura County police to report the incident. The police were investigating the allegations “and will forward reports to the Ventura County District Attorney to determine whether Spears will be charged.”

“The case should have been filed immediately”

Britney Spears attorney Mathew Rosengart called the allegations “lurid fodder for the tabloids” according to “The Hollywood Reporter” and told the US industry portal that this was “nothing more than a fictional” he said she said “- Cell phone case is without fistfighting and obviously without any harm. Anyone can make an allegation, but this case should have been closed immediately, “said the lawyer.

He added that the sheriff’s office classified the incident as a “very minor offense” and confirmed that “there were no injuries”: “If Britney Spears had not been involved, it would never have been reported.”

The singer is currently fighting in court to end her 13-year guardianship. Last week, her father, Jamie Spears, agreed to step down from his role as guardian – shortly after her new legal team filed a motion to dismiss him. However, the exact time when Jamie Spears will retire is not known.

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