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Lull in bed? Orlando Bloom has “not enough” sex with Katy Perry>entertainment>

March 25, 2021 – 10:03 am clock

Orlando Bloom is available to answer questions

“How often do you have sex?” – Some Hollywood stars would certainly not have answered this question as honestly as Orlando Bloom (44) has now. In an interview with “The Guardian”, the actor gives an answer that many might not have expected. “Not enough” is his reaction and he speaks openly about a supposed “taboo subject”, as we show in the video above.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom became parents

In August 2020, singer Katy Perry (36) and “Lord of the Rings” star Orlando Bloom began a completely new phase of life: They became parents for the first time and now form a small family with their daughter Daisy. Since then, the lives of world stars have been turned upside down – in every respect. Just a few days after the birth, Katy addressed a sensitive topic on Instagram by showing her so-called “after-baby body” in a nursing bra. It is completely normal that the mother’s body changes after the birth and does not immediately return to its old shape. Nevertheless, for many it is considered a “taboo subject” – against which Katy Perry set an example.

And now Orlando Bloom is also making it clear that life with a child changes – even in bed! At the moment he has “not enough” sex with Katy, he reveals in an interview with “The Guardian”. And with that, the actor probably speaks from the soul of many parents. He explains: “We recently became parents, hence.” Many mums and dads know that a lot changes after the birth of a child – also when it comes to togetherness – but only a few talk about it so openly.

Ex-GSZS star Isabell Horn: “You are flat in the evening”

Actress Isabell Horn also addressed the issue openly and honestly a few months ago. Her love life has just changed after the birth of their children Fritz and Ella: “It has become more difficult to find time for yourself as a couple.” After all, the youngsters are usually the top priority. And when you have the time, your strength is sometimes lacking: “You are exhausted in the evening.” With her fans on Instagram, Isabell Horn hit a sore point that many parents could relate to. And that is now the case with Orlando Bloom as well.

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